Making The Scribbler Play As Intended?

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Hey all,

This will include some spoilers as I mainly see this section as reference for GM's, so please stop reading if you're not a GM.

So my party will be returning to the Catacombs of Wrath next session and I'm in a bit of a bind.

Upon reading about The Scribbler, it appears the intent was to make it so he could dash in, attack once and dash back out of combat again, only his stats, feats or abilities don't really accommodate that. At least, not fully.

Sure he gets Dimension Door at will, but that doesn't allow him to cast it as a swift action. He has the Quicken Spell feat, but I don't actually know if you're allowed to modify "At-Will" spells with this, and so, assuming you can't, his combat actions would go something like this:

Surprise Round: Teleports to a PC casting DD (standard action) and can't do anything else that turn.

Round 1: If the party win initiative he eats a full round action quite possibly from all 3 members.

Round 2: There isn't one. He died incredibly fast due to action economy.

So, to rectify this, there are only two ways I see this working:

The 1st way

1. Swap Iron Will for Dimensional Agility
2. Swap Toughness for Dimensional Assault

This way he gets to teleport and attack, then on the following round will 5ft step and DD back out of there again.

The 2nd way

1. As GM, I rule he can Quicken his DD's, so he can Dimensional Door in and attack (full-round action with Dimensional Assault), then quickened DD out again whilst making a concentration check for casting defensively as usual.

Note: He can't 5ft step and then do it safely because Dimensional Assault counts as a charge.

This is the closest I can get his hit and run tactics to work, otherwise it's simply not possible.

The party can handle a lot. They consist of:

Goruk-Rei: An Anti-Paladin (Insinuator) who's currently insane after too many trips to the Abyss. He currently contacts Calistria for his powers. He died earlier in the campaign, but decided it was a good idea to use a Balor as his lacky to keep bringing him back to life. He's so far been revived 13 times after forcing the Balor to use his power to bring him back to life, lording the Balors true name over him. Only, the name he holds is the true name of a dead Balor and the Balor that's playing along is a Balor Lord that's slowly taking over his body with each revival. Goruk has 2 lives left and has no idea. He's level 12 with 2 Mythic Tiers and the only Divine magic that can effect him is that of his own (I made the God-Proof ability of Black Magga literal). He went toe to toe with Mokmurian alone, after the party had incurred the wrath of Mokmurian's army. It was a big spectacle and though Mokmurian beat him into unconsciousness, nobody had the ability to heal Mokmurian's bleeding (of which he had 29 every round due to Goruk's crit card), largely due to the fact Mokmurian narrowly escaped the party shortly before and the two Lamia Priestesses used all of their healing to heal him back up to full before meeting up with most of the other Giants within The Black Tower and marching down to his lair where the PC's awaited. Also, though he would have dropped from the bleed, or made a heal check after combat (he was trying to prove himself in front of his army), Arizar chucked a bomb at the back of his head during his gloat for KO'ing Goruk, at which point Conna and have of Mok's army turned on the other half. Goruk is linked strongly to the sin Wrath.

Arizar: A Beastmorph Alchemist who sometimes turns into an equivalent to the Cleric Beast in Bloodborne (he wanted to research his idea of the perfect form, which to him is an Emerald/Green Dragon, so I homebrewed this Beast as his failure concoction which he gets on a 7 as I modified his Unstable Mutagen to have an effect on a 7 and 8). It's incredibly strong, able to paralyze anything that comes into proximity of him (provided they can be paralyzed), at which point he simply coup de grace's the now helpless victims. This was not meant for him to have control over, is an entirely different personality made of pure rage and hunger, and it forces him to target the closest small or larger living creature, no matter who or what they are. He took out Undead Lamatar, Lucretia, Barl and Barl's Stone Giant bodyguard - the latter three in 3 rounds (while three other party members at the time were all polymorphed into Newts and Toads, luckily for them)....He's also the only remaining original hero of Sandpoint and though civilians see him as a hero, the way he fights is less than honourable. Though he's been rather charitable and offered financial aid to most in need of it (Sandpoint, Fort Rannick etc), he's an opportunist and likely onyl does this to empower his public image. He's linked strongly to the sin Pride. He's level 12 and has 1 Mythic Tier.

Lazarus: The Dual-Wielding, Switch-Hitting Rogue/Ranger of the party. He got onto the Paradise with a tattoo of the Sihedron on the back of his bald head. He died during my upscaled Feast of Ravenmoor module (which I ran before they got to the Storval Stairs) against an Avatar of Ghlaunder which I created. Naturally, he was being sent to K's pool of souls to empower the Runewell, but on his way, I had Desna intervene as it was her who released Ghlaunder by mistake and when he was brought back to life, his Sihedron tattoo was replaced with a blue butterfly and he's since been gifted with the ability to put any creature that steps within 5ft of him to sleep (lasting 1rd per level and only usable once per day), where he can then Dream Travel, taking the physical party members into the Dimension of Dreams to escape. I've also allowed him to use this ability to enter and leave the Dream Plane when the rest of the party is asleep to try and assassinate campaign specific targets. He came close to doing this to Mokmurian but thought it was too risky. He also went with the poisoner Archetype and to make poison actually useful, I allowed him to increase the DC of all poisons by a maximum of 10, so long as he makes the craft checks (this also works in reverse and can make some pretty poor poisons and ruining them altogether if rolling poorly). Lazarus isn't linked to any sin due to his actions, but is in fact strongly linked the virtue of Diligence. He doesn't yet have a Mythic Tier.

Of note: I got them to roll for their stats (4d6, drop lowest six times) and they've all ended up with 38-45pt buy, though I ruled at the start of the campaign they weren't to increase 18's during character creation, and anything less than an 8 gets re-rolled.

So, how did this work out?

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