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If I want to get the 2nd edition core rule book on the day of release in the UK what is the best place to order from?
Paizo, amazon.com, amazon.uk(not currently listed) or somewhere else?
Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Kerblamikus,

It's going to be up to you which place will be best to purchase from. What other options are available and how or if they will ship to you is beyond my knowledge. For ordering from Paizo.com, I can tell you that your preorder will be shipped out between early and mid July, with the goal to try to be as close to the street date as we can. However, we cannot guarantee the arrival date, as it is in the hands of the postal service once we ship it out to you. For the UK, customs and shipping delays are possible and something to consider.

Any options you have for local game stores that may stock the product may be an option for acquiring the book on release day, but once again you would know the possibility of this option for your area.

I hope you the best of luck in choosing your preferred method! If you have any further questions or concerns about the preordering process on paizo.com, please let us know. Thank you!

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