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Based in the UK and preordered from Amazon uk as soon as I could but their prices are inflated. I was told to contact Paizo because they said that their prices were determined by you. Whether this is true or not is a matter of some dubiety for me but I agreed to contact you in the hope that this could be rectified.

For reference on Amazon uk

CRB £41.06 = $51.86
CRB Special Edition £71.99 = $90.93
Bestiary £39.59 = $50.00
Bestiary Special Edition £62.99 = $79.56
Lost Omens £29.03 = $36.67
Age of Ashes £20.23 = $25.55
Fall of Plaguestone £18.47 = $23.33

I would like to support an edition I believe in but I will probably have to cancel my special edition versions at these prices. Not gonna lie will buy the regular instead anyway.

Thanks in advance for time spent on this.

If I want to get the 2nd edition core rule book on the day of release in the UK what is the best place to order from?
Paizo,, currently listed) or somewhere else?
Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

Mystically inclined- I agree that would be a pretty formidable group.
Nate - That's the tweak we needed. Levels added on to the familiar without having to add class levels. Next step get the familiar to use the wand on itself. Maybe improved familiar?

Hi Nate, I considered the Mad Dog but was put off by the fact the barbarian had a delayed entry into rage. On reflection though your way is probably more elegant. I'm still trying to see if I can dip a single level for a valet familiar. Maybe a wand of rage is all I need?

Hunter eh? I'll have a look at that. Going see if I can make use of the rage spell on a familiar too.
Cheers Alistus

Hi LoneKnave, really wanted to use a familiar as was going to take a single level of witch and give the familiar the valet archetype which gives it your teamwork feats so no inquisitor needed. I wasn't sure how to get the familiar raging. Also the rage domain takes till 8th level to kick in.
Thanks for the input will look at familiar again.

Hi, was wondering if I could have thoughts on the viability of the following

Amplified Rage (Teamwork)
Prerequisites: Half-orc or orc, rage class feature.
Benefit: Whenever you are raging and adjacent to a raging ally who also has this feat or flanking the same opponent as a raging ally with this feat, your morale bonuses to Strength and Constitution increase by +4. This feat does not stack with itself (you only gain this bonus from one qualifying ally, regardless of how many are adjacent to you).

To make this work requires at least 2 players to be interested in the same concept at the same time. In my experience this seldom happens.

Without resorting to Leadership (which is usually dismissed out of hand) there are various conditions that need to be satisfied for it to apply.

1) P.C is a Half orc with a rage feature – easy enough

2) An ally is required – animal companion might work

3) The ally also has to qualify for the feat. The half orc requirement can be side stepped with the inquisitor

At 3rd level, all of the inquisitor’s allies are treated as if they possessed the same teamwork feats as the inquisitor for the purpose of determining whether the inquisitor receives a bonus from her teamwork feats. Her allies do not receive any bonuses from these feats unless they actually possess the feats themselves. The allies’ positioning and actions must still meet the prerequisites listed in the teamwork feat for the inquisitor to receive the listed bonus.

4) The ally must still satisfy the positioning and action requirements. This suggests that the animal companion must also be raging. One option is to go for the badger/wolverine and wait till they get hit. The other option is to use the ferocious beast rage power though this uses up rage.

With as little detail as possible the basic idea is

Level 1 ) Barbarian , Power Attack (feat) optional
Level 2) Inquisitor, Animal/Feather Domain (kicks in at lvl 5)
Level 3) Inquisitor, Extra Rage (feat) optional
Level 4) Inquisitor, Amplified Rage (Bonus Feat)
Level 5) Inquisitor, Boon Companion (Feat)
Level 6) Barbarian, Ferocious Beast (Rage Power)

The favoured class bonus and a trait can make up for the rage lost from multiclassing but it is going to run out a lot quicker. Only 1 BAB is lost but hopefully 2 judgements /day take the sting out of it. With a focus on strength and a +2 from an item by level 6 they can be rocking 30 STR.

What do you think? A lot of investment for not much return?

Thanks in advance for any comments. I like the way Grarrrg fused the Oradin together and would like to see if the above could be achieved in a similar way.

It's from the advanced players guide. Good point about it being an obstacle. It was more for the image of some mad b*stard popping out of a cauldon and firing off hexes while laughing maniacally.
If you capture baddies you can use the scar hex on one and mess him up even further by taking some of his hair for a hexing doll. It might not fly with the geneva convention but it would make the whole 'follow him back to his master' tactic a bit more solid.

Instead of the flying carpet how about the flying cauldron?
I just like the idea of a mad witch flying around in a cauldron like oscar the grouch in his trashcan. It gives you partial cover to boot!

Vic Wertz wrote:

Apple's PDF rendering engine just doesn't handle the interactive features properly; it's entirely outside of our control. Unfortunately, as far as I know, every iOS app out there uses Apple's rendering engine, so our interactive maps don't work on iPhones or iPads.

Our interactive PDFs do actually work just fine on desktops running OS X, but you need to view them with Adobe Reader, not Preview. (Reader uses Adobe's engine, while Preview uses Apple's.)

Thanks for the advice. I busted out an old laptop hooked it up to a tv lying on it's back and the maps have been great.

A player is looking to to purchase some items at some point. Have read the rules but was hoping someone could check I am not missing something as I realise creation rules are not hard and fast.

Command Word:

Swift Girding Item (preferably a ring or small inconspicuous item of jewellery):

Spell Level x Caster Level x 1,800gp= 1×1 x 1,800gp= 1,800gp

Useable 1/day (command word) = divide by (5 divided by 1=) 5

= 1,800gp divided by 5 = 360gp

Also by the same token I will also be looking for an Enlarge Person item but 3/day

Spell Level & Caster Level the same = 1,800gp

3/day command word = divide by 1.67 = 1078gp

Thanks in advance for any help given.

The Gleeful Grognard wrote:
Kerblamikus wrote:
Word to the wise. I stumped up for the interactive maps and then found out they don't display properly on a Mac. This is mentioned in the FAQ so it is not something that is hidden but I managed to miss it.

Ah one of my friends had this issue, you can get around it with certain third party pdf readers however.

It exists, just not as a separate product which is the weird part, they don't even need to make the pdf as it is now... it is already made and on their server, just not available to be purchased separately.

I bought a few different viewers off the App Store but none of them would let me change the layers so that you can turn off the gm information. Do you happen to know the name of one that works? Please don't go to any trouble to find out and thanks for the advice already given.


Word to the wise. I stumped up for the interactive maps and then found out they don't display properly on a Mac. This is mentioned in the FAQ so it is not something that is hidden but I managed to miss it.

Gotcha. Thanks for the clear explanations guys. Turns out every day is a school day :)

Makes sense thanks for the quick reply guys.
In a similar sense then would someone that gets an ability 1 + WIS times a day retain their one use even with a negative WIS modiier?

Fully expect this to be shot down but would someone with 9 Dex (-1 to AC) have a better AC when flat footed and denied their dex modifier?
Just wondered what the esteemed members of the boards thought.

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Instead of penalising players for being slow reward them for being decisive. Say + 1 to a d20 for anyone that commits to an action in 5 seconds.
This would include the bad guys .....

20 should make it fair. Sorry to be lax with the details bit of an impulse post.

Wind Chime wrote:
Assuming the standard wealth per level ?


I appreciate this isn't in the spirit of the game but if faced with the following challenge what would you go with?
50 foot cube caged arena . You are one of 4 combatants starting in their own bottom corner. Last one standing wins, no previous allegiances.
You have no prior knowledge of the other 3 builds.
What would *you* roll to give the best chance of survival and what tactics would you employ.

Just a bit of fun. If specifics are required lets assume lvl 6 so most classes have had the chance to get going.

I also use a tell for my illusions so that my party gets a +4 to disbelieve. I use the phrase Behold, my impenetrable wall of force! or variations depending on what I'm making. The behold word lets my party know it's an illusion and if I want the enemy to believe my wall is real the only explanation is that I've used magic so I might as well call attention to the fact and make them think I'm a conjurer instead.
With regards to automatic disbelief when faced with proof the example of having an illusion covering a pit is useful. If an enemy probes the ground with a staff and it goes straight through that's it - instant translucent outline.
This makes a mist superior to a wall in some cases as your hand passing through wouldn't cause disbelief. With the bards use in the OP perhaps someone here can comment on the legitimacy of the following strategy.
Silent image of a wall directly in front of your team with obscuring mist in front of the wall. You then step into the wall in front of your team providing proof that the illusion is not real. Bad guys don't see this and don't get the benefit. Target practice time.

Since you are a gnome the effortless trickery feat could work out well for you. It lets you maintain an illusion as a swift action allowing you to be creative but still do other stuff. I like to say outloud "Behold my mighty <insert description of illusion>". The rest of the party know that when I say "behold" it's an illusion so they get +4 to disbelieve. Useful for cover.

Story Archer wrote:
Kerblamikus wrote:
Oh, and I like the noble scion of war feat that lets you use charisma for initiative. Combined with sidestep secret my dex is in the toilet. If I want to do a ranged attack I have to use a wand of magic missile. Good thing UMD is charisma based eh?
Noble Scion of War means no Fey Foundling though...

True, but no Tiefling allowed in the GM's campaign so I went human for 2 feats to bag 'em both. My guy hasn't got the greatest perception so I needed to get him going as soon as possible. He's kinda based off of Lord Flasheart from the Blackadder tv series. He 'aint particularly smart or wise but good god he's a magnificent bastard.

Oh, and I like the noble scion of war feat that lets you use charisma for initiative. Combined with sidestep secret my dex is in the toilet. If I want to do a ranged attack I have to use a wand of magic missile. Good thing UMD is charisma based eh?

Hi, +1 for the Nodachi . It has the same crit range as the the Falchion a comparable 1d10 damage but also has the brace property. Never actually used it to brace mind, but one day.....

Thanks very much for the feedback guys. Yep, I'm dipping for the Awesome Display. I'm using him for my first illusionist as I want to see what is possible and get a better unferstanding of the mechanics using silent image & co. Only going up to lvl 8 or so and thought I'd get colour spray for an oh s£@&t button when my illusions don't work. Using magical knack so that my sorcerer levels don't dip.At the back of my mind I thought the burning hands would let me pitch in when undead show up. Thought about haunted and deafened but I was worried about how the penalties would affect the character. They are both probably stronger options though. Anyway, thanks again for the help , much appreciated.

Apologies if this is an obvious question. I have a first level sorcerer about to take a one level dip into oracle. My curse gives me the burning hands spell. Am I stuck using the oracle class caster level for the burning hands spell (1) or as I now know the spell and it is a spell available to sorcerers can I use my sorcerer's caster level on the spell instead as I advance in levels? My gut tells me it is the former but I would appreciate confirmation.
Thanks in advance for any help.