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I've been using a program called Hero Labs to help build characters for a while now, and I have found something that, while it is allowed on Hero Labs and doesn't SEEM to break any of the rules, I've been told it shouldn't work. When I go into Hero Labs and make an Oracle character, I'm able to stack the Spirit Guide and Dual-Cursed archetypes. The first outright replaces the Mystery class feature while the second changes it. From what I can tell from the rules, when this happens you can still take the two and the archetype that replaces takes priority. Is that actually correct, or am I just reading the rules wrong and it's actually an error with Hero Labs?

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Both archetypes change the class skills gained from your mystery, so they definitely can not be stacked.

Spirit Guide wrote:
Class Skills: A spirit guide gains all Knowledge skills as class skills. This replaces the bonus class skills gained from the oracle’s mystery.
Dual-Cursed Oracle wrote:
Class Skills: A dual-cursed oracle gains no additional class skills from her mystery.

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