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Hello there,

I am new to Pathfinder and ended up building and playing my first character, a cleric, differently than I thought I would. Generally I donned armor for example and she will turn out to be more of a buffer, but I really got to fix the armor part.

Which is what I am asking about. I found/saw the sacred attendant archetype and thought that it would fit well.
The character is now lvl 3, from what I can see, I can only use retraining to adapt the archetype now, yes?

What exactly are you looking for in this archetype? It loses a lot and doesn't gain much.

If you don't want armor penalties, take light armor. It doesn't lower your speed and has very low armor check penalty for your skills.

You can also grab a magic item, Bracers of Armor, that give you armor AC so you don't need to wear armor at all.

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One Domain is lost.
Not wearing armor anyway. Channel Beauty would affect undead first, on negative energy.

High Charisma, high Wisdom, low on everything else. Since she is a socializer and lacks overall defensive capabilities, it appears suitable.

You don't need an archetype to throw away armor. The buff to AC isn't massive if that is what you are looking for. You are better off focusing on magic items for defense if you want the "unarmored but actually not a twig" look.

What diety does your cleric worship, and what are your two domains right now?
What domain are you going to give up for Nurture Grace and Inspiring Camaraderie?

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Lust and Chaos. Here Chaos would be sacrificed up.

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Just know for retraining, you'd have to spend 20 days worth of downtime (8hrs minimum a day) to change your archetype. If this isn't Pathfinder Society games, I'd ask your DM for a switch and your cleric to pay some penance to your deity.

Also note, Nurture Grace may not work on yourself. I'd talk to a better rules expect, but there is nothing about an ally like there is for Inspiring Camaraderie, along with the rules of you being your own ally.

If you need AC without armor or without retraining, look at Ring of Protection, Amulet of Natural Armor, Bracers of Armor. They all stack together.

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Suppose there is not too much of a choice then.

20 days is 20PP which makes it unaffordable at third level, I will instead invest it into a wand of mage armour or an/multiple underground business/es.

With 3k GP I should be able to get at least one or two of those, guess that is where most of my money will wander into for now.

It is within PFS.

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