Crittercon 2 (VTT Con); April 26th - 28th


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Have you signed up for CritterCon 2 yet?

It's an online con that will be run using the Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop systems (so an entire game is played online over 3-5 hours like it would be in irl).

Communication will be using voice chat on the Cosmic Crittermander lodges Discord server here.

There are over 40 tables of Starfinder Society planned already and you can sign up now for many of them on their Warhorn site, in addition pick up games of Starfinder and Pathfunder will take place over the whole duration of the con. They'll be playing all weekend long & raising money for Doctors Without Borders.

If you're interested or just want to know more about Society play using virtual tabletops we'd love to see you on the discord! (You can find me under the username Stunt Monkey and our VA for the Cosmic Crittermander lodge is Cozmic11)

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