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Hi Paizo team.

Been waiting on these for a while now. Any update? The last email I got referred me to a forum page, mentioning delays. Looks like they started shipping late last year but no joy for me here.

Thanks in advance.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello toekneep,

It appears that there was a technical error that has hindered the orders on your account. I could not find evidence that you had been sent the comics portion of this bundle either, although I see evidence of the codes being redeemed.

Could you please confirm whether or not you were able to receive the comics for the bundle? I have set up an order currently containing both the comics and the miniatures. If you have already received the comics, then I can drop from those from the order and send the miniatures to you. If you have not received the comics either, please confirm this and we can get both out to you.

I'm sorry for the delay and inconvenience this has caused. Know that you will not pay any shipping costs that would be normal for the order due to this technical error and delay.

Hi Sam, I haven't received either of the items. Unfortunately there was no trigger/email stating that this thread had gotten a reply. Got an email saying it was shipped on the 12th of April. Logged in today to follow up, see that the order has been cancelled. Any reason for that?

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello Toeskneep,

I just took a look and I am not sure why it was cancelled. I reinstated it and am making sure it gets out the door today.

Thanks Diego, appreciated.

Just wanted to say thanks for getting these out. Picked them up from the post office this afternoon.

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