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I based myself on the variant multiclassing : Wizard (as the secondary class).

A character who chooses psychic as her secondary class gains the following secondary class features.
Psychic Discipline : At 1st level, she chooses a discipline. For all powers of that discipline, she treats her character level as her effective psychic level.
Phrenic Pool and Amplification : At 3rd level, she acquires a phrenic pool, as a psychic of his character level – 2. Additionally, she acquires access to a single phrenic amplification. For the purpose of this amplification, she treats her character level as her effective psychic level.
Discipline Power: At 7th level, she gains the 1st-level powers of her chosen discipline. If any of those powers grant an extra effect at 20th level, the character does not gain that extra effect.
Knack : At 11th level, if she has an intelligence score of 10 or higher, she chooses a psychic knack and can cast that knack as a spell-like ability at will. She uses her character level as the caster level and Intelligence as the knack's key ability score.
Discovery : At 15th level, he gains a psi-tech discovery or a phrenic amplification, treating his character level as his effective psychic level.
Greater Discipline Power : At 19th level, she gains the 5th-level or 8th-level power of her chosen discipline.

What do you think about the propositon of the variant multiclassing for the psychic ? Is it correct ?

Should I remove the amplification at 3rd level ?

I think about the enlightement psychic discipline for a character with:
- 1-st level power : Patient Insight
- 5-th level power :Focused Trance

Thanks for your future help.

Wrong forum, this belongs in the advice forum.

willuwontu wrote:
Wrong forum, this belongs in the advice forum.

It actually belongs in homebrew.

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So the hard part with judging VMC is that most of the existing options are hopelessly underpowered. So the mere fact that this is better than Wizard VMC is irrelevant. One the tricky parts here is that there's nothing stopping you from taking a charisma-based discipline on a charisma-based caster. One of the built-in limitations of the psychic is that your phrenic pool is based on a secondary ability score, but by using VMC you bypass that.

My suggestion would be to swap the order. Have the character gain the 1st level discipline power at 3rd level, and at 7th level they gain a phrenic pool treating their psychic level as their level -2. However, they don't add either charisma or wisdom to the pool's size. This would still be a very strong VMC, but it would keep it much more under control.

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