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So it is entirely possible I've overlooked this, multiple times, and that my google-fu is as bad as ever, so the searching I've done has failed..but I haven't been able to find an answer either way.

So here goes:
Does a character have to be in a, say, Iron Tortoise stance, to use it's counters/strikes or could the character be using one an Eternal Guardian stance and still use counters/strikes from another discipline?

Your stance doesn't limit your maneuver choices.

In fact, there are feats that give you bonuses when you execute a maneuver from one discipline in the stance of another

Like Elemental Sun

Thanks for the answer. I thought (and hoped) that's how it would be, but since I never saw it explicitly stated either way, I was erring on the side of no, just in case.

I'm just now looking into the PoW stuff because the DM approved a PoW character for our game. He's giving me a chance to 'update' my Monk with the PoW monk archetype if I want to, and I was thinking of focusing on Broken Blade and Iron Tortoise. (I can't remember the name of the trait, but it would allow me to drop one of the disciplines of the archetype for one of my choice, being Broken Blade).

Would there possibly be any feat or trait, that you know of, that would allow for a discipline to use a different skill (like change Bluff for something else)?

Not for Bluff (there is one for flipping Acrobatics and Perform(Dance)). However, I don't think Iron Tortoise maneuvers really use Bluff, so it isn't as big of an issue as other disciplines.

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I'd recommend Fool's Errand over Broken Blade, personally. But that's me.

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