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Do the various items that improve a paladin's lay on hands also improve a pei zin oracle version of lay on hands?

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"This ability counts as a paladin’s lay on hands ability for the purposes of feats, spells, and effects that work with that class feature when it is used for healing purposes."

If it is being used to heal, I would say yes.

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Effects is about the broadest category of things in the game so i'd say yes.

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I've been iffy on buying such items for my oracle. It makes sense that they would work, but there are also several counterarguments on the rules forum. The most common one would be Bracers of the Merciful Knight.


The argument against them working is that they say "When worn by a Paladin," and not something like when using a Paladin's Lay on Hands. It's definitely splitting hairs, and I'm not saying I agree with that. It's been ambiguous enough that I don't want to spend 15,600gp of my net wealth on an item a GM might not let me use. I haven't reached a level to have that kind of gold to spend yet, so it hasn't be a practical issue for me yet.

EDIT: To continue the fine distinction line of thought, the same people arguing it doesn't work for Pei Zin argue that taking a level in Paladin causes it to then work for Pei Zin Practitioners as well.


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I think Ferious Thune is taking the correct precaution in regard to the bracers of the merciful knight.

...and my mind is blown by his edit.

I would say the same for medication crystals (link) as that specifically says a "paladin or monk."

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LINK just in case you think I’m making that up or exaggerating.

Much as I’d like to, I don’t use the meditation crystals, either.


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My eyes! They burn!

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I would assume they were obviously wrong, but the whole Magus Arcane Deed errata happened (you can take deeds, but you have no swashbuckler level, and you never count as having panache for them...), and the Investigators can't use wands FAQ, and several others that felt like the opposite was the more reasonable interpretation. So at this point, I try to err on the cautious side.

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