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I am playing a sort of evil shaman (level 5) with a sort of ghost and a skeleton as companions. Very similar like an animal companion both companions get stronger if my charakter gets new levels.

The skeleton has a starting strength of 17, a dexterity of 13, an intelligence of 9, a wisdom 10 of and a charisma of 14. It gets ability boni with level ups like an animal companion. It has martial weapon profiency, light & medium armor profiency and profiency with light & heavy shields.

The skeleton gets some feats with level ups. I like to plan the selection of my skeletons feats.

At the moment, my companion has the following feats: Exotiv Weapon Profiency (Bastard Sword) and Weapon Focus. But I am not sure which feats I should choose next. If the skeleton would had a class (like fighter) or would be an animal I would know which feats I could choose to get a strong companion, but it is a normal skeleton (with intelligence).

All sources are allowed in our campaign, even DND 3.5 material and 3.0 material (but we have to ask the GM first). We are playing mythic and all players are very experienced with the system and all players are trying to build very strong charakters.

Bey the way: Maybe someone of you has some ideas which mythic feats and mythic path abilities I could choose to get stronger companions. I have the dual path feat (hierophant and archmage).

Sorry for my bad englisch ;-D

Thanks for your help!

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I'd skip EWP.

Power attack and furious focus are good starters. Toughness maybe.

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