Just got through playing a Witchwarper, here's how it went


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Just played the SFS Scenario 'Return to Sender' with my Bounty Hunter Witchwarper at level 8 with a vanguard and a biohacker (3 man team.) We were all fairly experienced Starfinders, so we had no problem 3 manning it.

My Witchwarper went fairly heavy into charisma (22 at level 8) and had a combination of blasty spells and utility spells. I chose the Paradim shifts Shifting Step, the one that reduces damage, and Optimize.

For most of the scenario I was fairly useless. While I would like to have helped the Vanguard, he had his own damage mitigation abilities, and rarely full attacked (opting instead to use his move action to raise his shield) so I didn't ever get to haste with Optimize. Also, since there were only three of us, and only one melee guy, I didn't get much of a chance to use Shifting step to set up my allies for flank or whatever.

The last fight was where I was really able to do some fun stuff. Explosive Blasting the large number of mooks that came out, Force Blasting them off of the catwalk and making them fall 50 feet, all that stuff. I used Infinate worlds to block corridors and bottleneck enemies, that stuff was all great.

All in all, it was okay, but there are a few things that I'd like the witchwarper to be able to do. An unlimited times per day paradigm shift that buffed an ally or something (something similar to an envoy's get 'em') would be nice, as that would let me participate in 'trash mob' combats where I don't want to expend resources but still want to help. As it stands, I was left punching or shooting bad guys, but my accuracy was so terrible I needed an 11 or better on the die to hit enemies that were 4 levels lower than me. Some sort of go to minor thing would be nice.

Secondly, I didn't get to use my abiities, but that was mostly because the small party didn't need the things I built for. There were only 3 of us, so I didn't need to teleport people around the area, and like I said, haste didn't help our vanguard much. And he certainly didn't need damage reduction.

One thing I will say is it would be nice to get maybe 6 skill ranks a level. As it stands they are the least skilled spellcasters so far, as mystics get 6/level and technomancers have primary int as a stat so your average technomancer starts with, like, 7 and goes up from there.

As it stands, they kind of feel like the pathfinder Summoner. Bad saves, none of their stats contribute to saves they need, and low skills/level. Maybe give them 6 skill ranks a level and good will saves? As it stands I didn't have any problems, but because of the few skills/level and the class skill list, my Witchwarper wasn't able to help with hardly ANY of the skill checks in the scenario at all (I think there were like, two perception checks? Maybe?)

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i agree with you. a few extra skills would be nice (i played a 4th level witchwarper in scenario).

i did like the class. i thought it was fun and different. maybe some tweeking would be nice, but i would definitely play one in a longer term campaign.

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