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Damn...that is not something I ever want to deal with again.

I was just passing Diamond city to head down to Jamaica Plain, when I see them. Pack of Rust Devils with a Sentry Bot of all things. Heading right for Diamond City like they mean business. Managed to run back and yell a warning to the guards just moments before all Hell breaks loose. Turn to ADA to ask for some missiles but it's too late, Sentry Bot already ran her over and it turning towards me. Almost didn't notice the Mr. Handy slipping out from behind the thing to chop me up with a buzz saw.

Nastiest most confusing fight I've had and right in the middle of it Cricket and her caravan crew show up. Cricket really needs to learn the word restraint. Her running around yelling "BOOM BOOM BABY" and throwing explosives was not what I needed

My Armor is wrecked, used up half my stims and a lot of other drugs, but I'm alive.

Don't have enough supplies to repair the armor though. Gonna park it in Hangman's Alley while I scavenge up enough to get it running again.

Jamaica Plain. Nice to be back at the little base I had set up here but....
Why are there so many people here
Why are there so many cows?

People are complaining about being hungry..No kidding, that's cause there is 3 times as many of you here as it can support. Look you three go to Hangman's Alley. And if the rest of you are hungry kill one of the Cows....Start with the one in the LIVING ROOM

Oh hey here is where I left my old missile another 10 missiles. ADA Carry this would you.

I need to plant Melons and make lots of Bunk Beds.

you know....I could eat a few of these people and I bet the rest wouldn't notice can't think that way, that's a bad way to think, that's the virus talking

Gonna go plant melons now.

So 20 missiles later I have reached Vault 88 and found a pre-war Vault Tec ghoul.

Overseer Barstow wants me to get her vault up and running and I want some answers so we've managed to come to an agreement. I ask her about Dwight Scholtt for good measure.

She actually seemed shocked. Of all the names to survive 200 years Scholtt was not one she expected to hear. Scholtt was in bio-engineering, one of several researchers working on new strains of the Forced Evolution Virus they got from the military. Scholtt insisted he was on the verge of creating the ultimate strain of the virus but every test he ran failed. Eventually he was demoted and the last she heard he was a technician at some minor vault on the fringes.
I asked her if she knows anything about Scholtt's work. She just waves it off. It was worthless she said. His strain of the virus couldn't survive the body temperature of a living host. Would die off in less than an hour of being introduced to the subject.

So there it is. The Cryogenics experiment must have been like a god send to Scholtt. A Vault full of test subjects his experiment might actually work on.

So I have my answer. A Labrat to a disgraced researcher desperate for a success.

Work on Vault 88 is progressing well.
I've kept myself fed on the bodies of the Ghouls that were trapped down here and I've finished about half of the Residential quarters plus initial set up for the cafeteria and the med center. There are a couple of other ways into the place, which could be pretty helpful in letting me get around the region without too much trouble. These caves are full of nasty things though. Whole nest of Radscorpions and one of those Deathclaw things. Turrets and Missile Launcher to the legs made quick work of it though.
Building supplies are starting to get a bit sparse though, might need to make a run to the surface. Barstow wants me to start inviting people in so she can start her experiments….Not sure If I’m ready to do that yet, at least not until I know more

Be careful of those additional entry/egress points. Settlers and invaders have a spectacularly difficult time pathing in/through Vault 88 when there is more than one entrance opened up to the outside/above ground. To the point that you'll spend inordinate amounts of time tracking the turds down in the bowels of the place ...

Just a thought.

How's this one going for you, Greylurker?

They just updated the game again, including updates to some of the Creation Club content in addition to adding a promising new home-workshop.

Been crazy busy with school actually. Taking classes, doing homework and studying for tests eats up as much time at 45 as it did as a teenager, maybe a bit more.

Mostly I've been building up the vault when I have some spare time and eating the ghouls down there to stay alive.

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