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Hello! so I have been toying around with a build idea for a while and I want to verify I am not breaking any rules in this build. Their are a few rules that interpret favorably, but I believe are interpreted correctly. So I am here to figure out if my build is actually legitimate.This entire build revolves around the half-orc feat Blood Vengeance and my attempts to optimize it. The build goes as follows


WIS: 9
INT: 7
CHA:14 (+2 racial to 16)

1 lvl-Bloodrager
Bloodline-Arcane (Arcane Bond)

6 lvls- Blood God Disciple/Broodmaster

Amplified Rage (+4 STR/CON when raging with other half-orc)
Extra Rage

His cohort is his lvl1-Fighter/lvl2-Barbarian half-orc son who is built as follows.


STR:16 (+2 racial to 18)

Amplified Rage
Ferocious Tenacity
Blood Vengeance.

So here is the plan (and in turn the issues). The Father(summoner) summons a giant spider with Summon Monster 2, which has 3 hit dice. The son then goes into a rage (STR/CON-22) and holds his standard action. The Father then commands his brood to slay the giant spider which activates Blood Vengeance(STR/CON-24). The son then takes his standard action and attacks. This repeats as necessary, usually only one more time (STR/CON-26). Then the father goes into his blood-rage activating Amplified Rage (STR/CON-30). I can do blood-feast shenanigans after that but that is the general gist of my plan.

Major issues/questions:

-Because the spider has the same hit dice as my cohort it should activate blood vengeance in theory.
-Another clause of blood vengeance is it must be an ally that falls. A summoned creature is an ally, but looses that title to the Summoner and his brood when they attack it, but it shouldn't loose that effect for the cohort.
-Blood-rage acts as normal rage. So does it trigger amplified rage?
-Blood Vengeance should stack as it modifies the actual bonus of rage and is therefore not subjected to the rules of bonus stacking.

This is just a build I've been fiddling around with. I know their is easy ways to beat it but I just want to know if my summoned blood sacrifice method functions.

Personally, as a GM I would tell you that any attempt to create/summon creatures for the explicit purpose of allowing other creatures you control to kill them would not grant you a bonus, and is clearly a violation of the intent of the rules.

Also, the same bonus type never stacks. Which if nothing else means that you can't stack blood vengeance with itself. I understand you think that it modifies the bonus that your rage gives you and sets it as the new "rage bonus" but that's not how it works.

You have your rage bonus with an additional bonus provided by blood vengeance.

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