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Just throwing this out there as I dreamed it up last night and don't have time to do it well before the game today:

What about making a short comic strip for the dreams in Briarstone? You could hand them to the players for a bit and then collect them back up.

I think you'd only need work out two different ones since most of the dreams would be largely the same with just a speech bubble changed at the end for what the old lady says. The other would be fog in each panel until Zandalus runs up and says his speech then goes off again muttering "what have I done."

I'm running six players and the thought of six one-on-one's with questions about my descriptions seems not so fun to me. But being able to hand out a nine panel comic and calling it done is appealing.

Something like these.

I plan to print them out and make little booklets.

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This is a cool idea. Well done!

It went over well. Especially when I took them back up without prior warning. Everyone remembered the words the old kelishite said to them, but there was a moment of surprise when they realized they wouldn't be able to study the dreams or re-read the exact wording.

You sir are awsome. Pls take my upvote!

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I second this - great idea. Wish I'd thought of it, and had the talent to implement.

I might make one for the Zandalus dream, but I have 2 weeks to procrastinate on that one...

I just finished book one last month, and did something similar with the dream, only I made cards instead of comics. I made about 30 dream cards* in Photoshop. They were either campaign backstory, hints about the haunts in the asylum, and a few "nightmare" cards that were visions of the Great Old Ones. Players who accumulated nightmare cards started getting bonuses on Knowledge checks related to Mythos subjects, but a penalty on sanity rolls.

I arranged them in a deck, and had the player draw them when they slept outside the chapel. In hindsight, that was a bit of a mistake, as there were some cards I wanted them to draw that they didn't get to by the time they'd finished the book. If I were doing it over again, I'd stack the deck before they drew.

*I have a thing about making decks of cards as gaming props. So far I've got four different deck concepts for Strange Aeons and we haven't even started book two yet. Really excited about the Necronomicon deck I made, and at the rate my group gets together for gaming, I'm not going to get to use it for about two years.

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