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This is just a love letter to the devs, sometimes in the RPG world you don't really start to feel just how influential a product is until several years down road when it's had a chance to digest and assimilate.

So 4 out of 4 people made new characters for a run I'm doing - all from the Advanced Class Guide - and despite the clamor and (cough) rough editing, this book has come to dominate the table and I can't think of a game I've played in for the past 2 years where there wasn't at least one person was using this book.

That is a home run in my opinion. So kudos - I'll toss in that (with fixes) the shifter has been a great character in another campaign we are playing in.

The ACG though, I think in some ways may be the high water mark of Pathfinder v1 design.

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Agreed. My current game has had about 7 characters in total come in and out over its course, and of those 7 we've had 4 from the ACG: an arcanist, bloodrager, investigator, and slayer.

Hunter brawler investigator skald and bloodrager all made it into our games. Just a great book

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