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Please can you let me know why my order still has not been processed. The order is easily covered by the store credit I have so should not have needed any other payment details, howeverI added my card details the day the order was placed since that seemed to be delaying the order.

That was weeks ago now but the order is still showing as pending. I am geting no reply to my emails to customer service other than an auto-responder.


Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello dmwcarol,

I'm sorry about the delay in response to your email. As the auto-response indicates, we are experiencing a high volume of inquiries and are working to catch up on the backlog as quickly as possible.

The reason that your order hasn't shipped yet is because one of the items inventory was regarding the item as being out of stock. I ensured that we do actually have this item in stock now and adjusted the order as such. I have also ensured that your store credit will be used completely to cover the order. I will ensure that this order now processes promptly.

Thank you for your patience!

Paizo Employee Customer Service Representative

Hello dmwcarol,

You may have received a Payment Method failure email. You can disregard this communication. There was an issue with Store Credit applying on the order. I am moving the items into a new order number and using your store credit. You should receive a confirmation email for the fixed order shortly. I will ensure the warehouse tries to ship it again promptly.

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