Paizo Order #5393410 has it shipped?

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i was wondering if it was shipped today i got billed on 17th and wondering if it is gone out the link the email said its not shipped yet


If you got the link with your tracking number, that means that it has been packed and is ready for pickup. Usually those are not picked up by the shipping company until the next business day. If that is the case, you should see the origination scan by now, Usually if I don't see it the next day, then I see it 9am the day after that... but the tracking is all on the shipping company, so about 1 in 20 orders I get from paizo only get scanned when it goes on the truck to be delviered to my house.

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Hey there,

So what Cpt_kirstov is saying is true for unique orders. The shipping email is generated when the label has been scanned by our warehouse.

In the case of this order, since it's a subscription item, it was generated by what we call a label run. Our warehouse will prep a whole bunch of orders that are for the same items, and then print out a large batch of labels for those orders. You get the shipping email when the label is printed, because it means that the charge has been successfully finalized on your card. However, depending on where your order is at in the batch, it may not be picked up by the postal service for a day or two. It's hard to tell exactly where your order is at in this process, since we process them in such large quantities.

In addition, there is always the chance that the shipping company will miss the scan and the tracking will not update at all. Typically though, it's just that they miss a scan and the tracking information shows up a bit later.

I hope this helps! The bottom line is that once you receive that shipping confirmation email, your order will be on its way and should reach you in the estimated time frame. If you have any issues beyond that, feel free to let us know.


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