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currently in a issue with my finances m and bewen mia and was wondering if u guys could stop it all and when i get in a better situation i can get it all reinstated

thank you ill let u know something

last time i heard from it the 6th and transfewred to t he post office i was wondering what if i gets lost what happenes?

question i got billed the ammount but since the 29th of augest it has not shown back up Aug 29 2019 Package enroute to USPS for induction Kansas City, MO but i tried the usps website and i got zilch

i was wondering will some of the first ed stuff be still be in print to buy?

is there anyway you an cancle my order we had an emergcy where i live at due to this weather and can not aford anything but the bear essencals right now ill try to come back when i can and pick up what i left off but i was wanting to see if u can do that

i was just wondering because i want to buy second ed stuff when i can afford it

if i was to preorder the material i will not get billed untill it ships correct?

so if i subscribe ont he 3rd i will be preording for april right?

i want to start it around the 3rd of march will i i be fine to make sure i get march products or will i need to resucbribe now?

will i get chargted for the product and the next month get charged for the subscriptions?

but when is the offical plans for paizo pathfinder 2.0 and when it comes out will first edition still come out?

can u cancle subs and when i get it fixed ill pick it back up

sorry tro have to cancle right now but im having issues with my bank my pay check has not posted yet and ill have to cancle as soon as i can ill resubsribe to pazio matieral

thank you

it shows two orders for the rune lord 6 o 6 and items for January but items to be unknown ship date for jan and February but nothing for December? is this the monthly system generation? i got my return o the runelord 4 of 6 and the construct and the matrial asrt and flip book for this month but nothing showing for deceember?

i was wondering why did i only get one item shipping but not another shipping sicne my order was broke up into two charges

i was given 15 dollars credit and was wondering how do i apply it to a future purchurs?

i was wondering if it was shipped today i got billed on 17th and wondering if it is gone out the link the email said its not shipped yet

finally got my books yay

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ohokwy. wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
That is the players own choice then, if they choose not to participate with the PDF version instead of the printed versions.


I mean, if you really want a physical book, you CAN just download the PDF and print it.

like me i wanted the collectors version of the book

vic im glad your working so hard to keep up with our complaints and worry paizo wouldnt be the same without you diago and shera i think i spelled her name right lol

is all the shipments finally out i livei n the no where of missouri lol,

Vic Wertz wrote:
Big Jay wrote:
Hey Vic, what the % for canada?
I can't easily tell that. But it should be on par with everything else.

so vic has it been 100 percent now insted of 96 now lol

ABOUT TIME! ugh i havent gotten anything yet unlike everyone else ugh

sam sorry to bother you i know thheres a percentage 54 i belive left shipped should i wait another week at most before asking for a refund if i do not get my preorder?

i know i havent gotten mine yet do not even know if it shipped i know i havent gotten an email at all yet

now its in there and wont let me click after sixty seconds for personalization

Jib916 wrote:
chris settlemoir wrote:
also is all the playtest avaible to everyone for free or those who paid for them?

Playtest is available (and as far as I understand) and encouraged to be tested by everyone (Free Pdf or Print).

The Print version was just made available for collectors, people who prefer a printed version and people who wish to support Paizo.

really ugh i bought the play test expecting it to be exlusive like alot of other companys do you buy the playtest you get it it others have to wait till release

Vic Wertz wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
EJDean wrote:
Was Amazon in charge of general distribution to game stores too? Reportedly, playtest copies haven't arrived in the UK yet, only arriving at the European distributor, Asmodee, on Wednesday. Doomsday Dawn and the flip mats are supposedly still sitting on pallets in New York as well.
I'm not in current contact with the people who would know for sure—they're in meetings all day at Gen con, but I've sent an inquiry. That said, I was told yesterday that European retailers have received product. (Also, our UK distributor is Esdevium, not Asmodee.)
I don't have an answer yet, but I have been educated about Esdevium Games changing their name to Asmodee UK at the beginning of the year!

when is the last date americans can expsect their package when will the 15 be put into our accounts?

i paid for it why is it not s hown in my account downloadables?

also is all the playtest avaible to everyone for free or those who paid for them?

Vic Wertz wrote:
Meraki wrote:
Given the tight timetable for the playtest, that has me a little concerned we won't be able to submit our feedback in time. If there's any way to extend things by a few days or a week, that might help (depending on how long orders actually take to show up).
The playtest surveys don't have hard closing deadlines, and we'll be reading the forums for many months to come.

i was wondering vic what is the final date when americans hsould recive their order before asking for a refund? will the books be in a amazon box?

i live in the middle of no where wondering when ill get my item , another question when will the 15 be posted to our accounts? i was hoping to use it for augest books?

so if its early aug and we didnt get the packages we should contact you guys about a refund yes?

i know they said they will start billing on monday so i was wondering whens the final day for billing of the playtest stuff and since theirs no tracking on these when do you think would be the a average arrival time using the company you guys used?

thank you super sara

why is it 4 packages insteed of being shipped all at once or can i have them ship all the packages when the last item comes out

those that buy the minis do you guys use other minis and pawns to enhance the game in general or just use one over the other?

where would be a good place to buy 1,2 and 6 i want to start buying them but i have no idea where to get them i cant even find them on ebay

if someone buys a case will they get a chase figure?

i know dnd and did it between2 and 3 i belive but i could be wrong

thanks mr valdez

enjoy your holiday!!!

i have the character decks and other stuff for my subscription i was jw if an yting was ever brought up about another ap for the cardgame?

i ordered all the stuff i was wondering when do you guys ship that so i can mark it on my calider so i can set money aside for it

so what day did they start shipping and 30th is the last day to ship?

do you think alot of stuff from the first edition will be able to used like aps?

i was wondering why does it show as 3 shipments is there anyway i can get it shipped in one box ? and maybe lower the cost or does some of it release latter in the month then exspected

i know its suppose to arrive today but its not where need me and has not moved since the 23 can you figure out what happened?

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