Four Free Ability Boosts. to stack them, or not to stack them?

Creating a Character

So, as I am making my character. I said that ill make one with the all 10 starting stat. i seemed to like the idea and said id give it a go.

during my way down i see step4 (page 20) saying this about the 4 free stats of +2

"After you’ve chosen your character’s ancestry and
background, you have four free ability boosts you can
assign to her ability scores as you see fit. These represent
your character’s variety of experiences growing up
before she became an adventurer."

Now going off the term "as you see fit" id assume that means if a fighter for an example wanted to be just "me hit things hard" kinda stupid he could just dump ALL his free ability boots there can they not? giving a +8 on top of what he already has. from character creation. seem a little over powered. but hey, we all like to break game at some point hahaha

So my question to you all is this,
Do you think that the 4 free stat boots CAN be stacked or do they NEED to be placed in all different blocks? i see nothing in step 4 saying that i needs to be in different stats and that it can not be stacked. there for leading me to believe if a player wanted to stack them they can.

What do you all think? Paizo, is this coo with you guys?

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The ability boosts in each step have to be placed in different scores (so no combining all for a +8 to something). Sorry!

Also, there's a specific forum devoted to the Playtest you might want to go to for more information.

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Playtest Rulebook, p. 19, under Ability Boost says the following (emphasis mine):

When your character receives an ability boost, the rules indicate whether it must be applied to a specific ability score or one of two scores, or whether it is a “free” ability boost that can be applied to any ability score of your choice. When you gain multiple ability boosts at the same time, you must apply each one to a different score. So, for example, if your character is a dwarf, she receives an ability boost to her Constitution score, her Wisdom score, and one free ability boost, which can be applied to any score other than Constitution or Wisdom.

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