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I just wanted to make a special shout out to Mike Bramnik for his extraordinary GMing of Starfinder Adventures at GenCon.

I had recommended my oldest daughter play Star, Sugar, Heartlove! at GenCon as I had played it and knew she would love it. I had just hoped she would get a half-way decent GM that wouldn’t ruin it for her. She didn’t get that. She got a fabulous GM who made it one of her most memorable GenCon experiences ever. Mike had gone the extra mile and made a 3D stage with lights and accurate minis for the final encounter and did a fabulous job with the role-playing, as well. He had my daughter in tears for most of the adventure for all the right reasons. Heck, just hearing her gush about how great an experience it was had my eyes tearing up, and I wasn’t even there.

Based on her comments, we specifically asked for Mike to GM us for “The Scoured Stars Invasion” and got him. Again, Mike came through with some special minis, props and aids that made the experience better and more visual. The Special, BTW, clearly benefited from 10 years of Paizo experience and was one of the best Specials they have ever released. Normally, most of my group doesn’t enjoy Starship combat in Starfinder as it tends to drag, and it was great that the Special makes it optional for players as they get a variety of missions to choose from that have tags, so your group can avoid types of missions your group doesn’t enjoy. But I had just acquired a Starship Boon earlier in the Con that let me mount Nukes on our Tier 4 Spaceship and let me just say that everything is better with Nukes! Mike ran the spaceship combats smoothly and everyone in our group enjoyed them for once. Mike also seemed to have a ball and that is a much a testament to his GMing as anything.

So, once again, thank you Mike Bramnik for helping to make our GenCon 2018 experience so memorable.


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This makes me appreciate even more living in his town and getting to play with him. :)

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Having seen Mike's amazing setup for his Gen Con scenarios and his critical assistance with various other convention-related items, I'd like to join in the accolades spoken here. There's a reason that Mike earned his Campaign Service Coin award this Gen Con, and having known him for several years now, I always appreciate our chats at conventions or over other platforms where he asks important questions and offers useful advice when asked.

Cheers for Mike!


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I think I speak for everyone when I say Mike deserved that coin.

He also helped all the #10-00 GMs out behind-the-scenes. Top-notch VO, that Mike.

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Oh, wow... somehow nobody told me about this until just now!
(I took a bit of time off from the public boards after Gen Con)

Bill, you honor me with your post, sir. I'm so happy that I was able to run games that your family enjoyed so much!

Daniel, Thurston, and Gino - thank you all very much as well :)

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As everybody has mentioned so far about Mike...he is a great GM (probably one of the top 2 or 3 I have EVERY been at the table with), and a great friend also. I enjoy any game I can be a player at one of his tables. Also, he is a great player to be at the table with.

I can't wait to see the 3D terrain for Star, Sugar, Heartlove! I am hopeful I can bribe him to come up to Indy and run it for our home group!


Mike have been great to game with. He looks out of new players and that is great. I need to make some more time to get in and game with the man more now that I'm back in Bloomington. He's definitely deserving of the accolades.

I concur! Mike helps create a cinematic experience with a well-thought out prop or two but his roleplay and confidence in players to respond in kind has been my template to aspire to as a gm.

Mike runs the scenario as written (which is hard!) while making a safe place for players to shine. He's chased me out of Bonekeep, TPK my first PF scenario, and helpfully created a pile of bodies for me to hide behind during the Iron Gods campaign.
Huzzah, much deserved.

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I 100% agree that Mike Bramnik is awesome!

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Same here. Agree 100% that Mike is awesome. He took over a table of our special last minute we needed a new GM. He gives and gives and never gives up.


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