Spell slots by spell levels.


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My group and I wonder why the hate for spells. I would say spells are generaly the same usefulness but you have maybe a third of the spells per day of 1e. Why? I'm not asking for opinions as to why you like or disagree but why it has been needed so hard? Is it now a low to mid magic world? Do they want more downtime? Or is it just a random DESIGN decision. My party realized a cleric healer is about the same but not much of a buffer anymore because of the extremely limited spells per level. Or am I missing something. Like attribute to spell slots or something. Cause heightened cantrips don't cut it.

It's a net nerf that serves a few purposes.

1) Lowers the potency of the "quadratic wizard" problem (though doesn't wholly eliminate it)

2) Supports more melee-focused offbuilds of Sorc/Wiz/Cleric innately, since you don't have to commit as hard to your casting stat to be a good caster (no extra spells/day, don't need 10+spell level casting stat to cast a spell)

3) Melee buff spells are actually higher value at lower levels because of new action economy, so lowering the amount of buff spells available limits the availability of that power creep. Bless going onto 3 attacks in a turn over 1 attack in a turn is a huge difference.

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This feels like a self imposed problem though that better wording in the spells could fix. And while it does open up the door to melee oriented builds it effectively shut the door to the whole wimpy, casting specialized caster. I'm a huge fan of the magus. But now I can't just be a caster cause cantrips lack a certain punch and flexibility even heightened.

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