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I understand the written rules for NPC's and spells but honestly I can't help but feel that NPC spellcasters are hamstrung compared to PC's of the same level.

For the most part I can ignore this by telling myself the NPC only has the spells actually important to their role in the game listed and they presumably know a few others that aren't likely to come up, but that starts to strain a bit when we get NPC's with the mystic class graft who don't get their connection spell as a bonus spell known, but rather it eats one of their known spells.

Now in fairness, I'm saying all of this before I've actually fielded any spell-casting NPC's in my game so my concerns can probably be taken with a grain of salt. Though the time to field them is approaching soon and I'd like to know if I'm right to be concerned? If I am right how have you GM's who've handled NPC spell-casters done it?

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I haven't seen it as a problem. Ultimately, yes, the NPC stats only do cover the spells that are supposed to be relevant to the adventure, not every spell they might conceivably know.

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