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Your GM is making good suggestions. A cleric staying at range can be adequate at both support and offense. I'd say a primal or arcane caster would be my pick to round them out.

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A Rank 8 or higher Resurrect ritual will do the trick.
A Reincarnate Ritual of Rank 7 or higher will also work.

A better question is, what in Pharasma's name happened to your ally!?!

The Cleric has long needed an updated guide even before the Remaster, this is a service to the community! Thank you!

One bit of critique I can offer, since this is for the Remastered Cleric, you may want to drop any terminology and math from "Ability Score" and shift it to "Attributes"

For instance you reference starting strength at 16 and then take it to 20. It'd be best to change that to +3 and take it to +5.

powsama wrote:


Can you add a chapter talking about the Magus+ content? The Hybrids Studies and news feats out here.

This guide is for the class as published by Paizo with errata, and not a guide about the third-party content out there for the Magus. Even if I were a fan of third-party content I wouldn't include any here.

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About a day late announcing this, but I've updated the guide with Howl of the Wild's ancestries, plus a few spells.

Full disclosure, I've barely touched the large ancestries so my rating of "situational" on their size is largely conjecture on how I'd have fared with those ancestries if I swapped them out with current characters I'm playing.

Mainly having to squeeze through sooooo much space... lol.

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Been a while since I've posted here, just wanted to let readers know that I am currently making the, long overdue, addition of magic items I think bear mentioning for the class. This section is still a WIP so there's more to come to this section.

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Sanityfaerie wrote:
thistledown wrote:
At this point, I want it to be Norgorber, fear it's Iomedae, and expect it to be Lamashtu.
I want it to be Gorum, fear it's Sarenrae, and expect...

I want it to be Gozreh (I just don't find anything particularly interesting about them), fear it's Shelyn, and I can't shake my expectation that it's going to be Shelyn. :-(

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Calliope5431 wrote:
Shelynite Songbird wrote:
Nintendogeek01 wrote:
I will be happy if Shelyn is not the one to die next week. I mean sure there are others I could be bummed about dying but... please don't be Shelyn...

Unliking and re-liking this just so I can like it twice. Shelyn was the first love/beauty deity I ever saw in a major setting who wasn't overtly sexualized and who was unequivocally pro-queerness and beauty outside of accepted standards.

I will be ever so sad if we lose her

I once again beat my "PR suicide" drum on Shelyn dying precisely because of that. I've got a whole nine course meal of hats lined up if I'm wrong, of course.

(I think it's possible she dies and merges with her brother, or he takes up her mantle and becomes some sort of off-the-wall crazy love-and-pain composite queer deity, but it's a lot less likely than him dying and the reverse happening was)

Did you save the receipts for those hats in the event we're correct and my worst fear comes to pass?

And in the event that we are, happily, wrong did you want salt or pepper with those?

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I will be happy if Shelyn is not the one to die next week. I mean sure there are others I could be bummed about dying but... please don't be Shelyn...

I would say that replace is a bit of a misnomer. The text for bestial rage says "when you rage..." so you still have the rage action. The bestial rage feature just adds more to it. That said the "when you rage..." text does seem to indicate that you must always add on bestial rage's additional features each time you rage.

I WANT to say Shelyn. But I'm 99.9% positive she's not going to be declared safe before this is all over so...

I guess Torag will be declared safe. Just because I would find it funny if he was declared safe after his name got tossed around so much in this thread.

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Technically Gorgon isn't really a species name either. The creatures of myth were the Gorgon Sisters, three women who received the same curse.

Still I do agree it'd be better to call them Gorgons than Medusas.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
Also, the complaint that Fiends shouldn't do spirit damage also doesn't make sense because Celestials also do spirit damage, and nobody is making a clamoring to fix that, either. Incidentally, Celestials are even more powerful and BS than Fiends, so the idea that only Fiends should be nerfed is a joke, but also calls into question how the Celestials are warring in the planes when they should be trouncing Fiends on the daily, to the point that they shouldn't even be a challenge.

In my initial post here I did, in fact, say to remove spirit damage for celestials and other outsiders.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
I'm not really seeing a problem here...

That extra 1d6 per hit can add up, especially at lower levels when PC's don't have all that many hit points. So I must respectfully disagree on how impactful that damage is. ESPECIALLY when you combine it with the other abilities you mentioned.

Darksol the Painbringer wrote:
DC 20 bleed flat checks are BS and will basically kill a player even after the fight is over.

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought the Barbazu was BS. I'm not sorry that it's been kicked to the curb. ;-)

Elfteiroh wrote:
Leliel the 12th wrote:
Nintendogeek01 wrote:

I hate to say this but I can't help but be afraid that it really is Shelyn who's going to die. I don't want her to, she's my personal favorite, but with the Prismatic Ray set to change somehow, according to an early tease, and that I doubt they're going to kill the goddess one of the iconics worships I can't help but fear that Shelyn is going to die.

Now I could be wrong, I desperately hope that I'm wrong. The one hint is open to interpretation, and maybe they feel like the extra shock value by getting rid of an iconic too, or something.

Honestly, I think a future adventure path kind of tipped their hand:

Shelyn dying will result in a loss of creative spirit across the board.

Curtain Call is all about producing an opera.

One of these things does not sound like something that can easily be done in light of the other.

Curtain Calls will technically release before any of the War of Immortals happens, so it shouldn't be taken as an indication of anything. :P

Could be the last "Shelyn hourra!"
Note: I stil think it will be Torag personally. Just playing devil's advocate here with the info I know.

Yeah I'm with Elfteiroh on this one, after looking at the product page for Curtain Call I'm not sure how that's indicative of anything.

Of course this does nothing to disabuse me of the reasons I'm fearing for Shelyn's safety to begin with so...

*goes back to huddling in a corner.*

Ascalaphus wrote:

So it looks like for most creatures the change was:

- remove the separate alignment damage die
- increase the damage die size to compensate for losing the separate die
- give them a holy/unholy trait so their damage can trigger weaknesses

The net effect of that seems more that neutral PCs now take a bit more damage from fiends that good PCs used to already take.

This seems to be true for the Pusk and Ort.

That said the following daemons, demons, and devils didn't seem to gain anything to compensate the lost evil damage.

Astradaemon (in fact this one seems to have been given an overall damage nerf, probably for the best given Essence Drain...)
Omox (Slime ball actually got nerfed)
Gylou (though for some reason Monster Core swapped the order they list the attacks from how its listed on AoN, weird...)

Vrolikai got leveled up to 20 anyways, and Shemhazian had exactly ONE of its four attacks get buffed.

Vordine, the obvious replacement to the barbazu, does do more physical damage but the Barbazu hit much harder vs good targets with its glaive and the Vordine's secondary attacks lack a lot the nasty extra effects the barbazu had. So I'd call it an overall nerf, and a well deserved one as I always felt barbazu punched above its weight class.

Others I wasn't able to see an obvious connection or replacement for so I'm not sure.

I find I'm partial to the Fortune Dragon taking the concept of dragons hoarding treasure to a logical conclusion.

If you're running some pre-remaster adventures with fiends under the Remastered rules, ESPECIALLY if you're gaming on foundry, it may be tempting to leave the evil damage on their statblocks as Spirit damage.


This just means that fiends that once hit "good and ONLY good" targets like a truck will now hit EVERYONE like a truck! There's a reason that the Monster Core book doesn't have it so fiends automatically hit for spirit damage!

So do your players a solid, and just remove evil-turned-spirit damage from any fiends they run into. Thank you for reading.

NOTE: If your party is up against celestials, then still remove the good-turned-spirit damage. Or if something does lawful-turned-spirit, or chaos-turned-spirit.

I hate to say this but I can't help but be afraid that it really is Shelyn who's going to die. I don't want her to, she's my personal favorite, but with the Prismatic Ray set to change somehow, according to an early tease, and that I doubt they're going to kill the goddess one of the iconics worships I can't help but fear that Shelyn is going to die.

Now I could be wrong, I desperately hope that I'm wrong. The one hint is open to interpretation, and maybe they feel like the extra shock value by getting rid of an iconic too, or something.

Calliope5431 wrote:
BookBird wrote:
AestheticDialectic wrote:
While I think it is safe to say a dragon like the Fortune Dragon isn't analogous to any of the chromatic or metallic dragons, I think we can easily say the diabolic and the empyrean dragons are replacements for red and gold dragons much as the horned is for the green dragon, and I don't think it would be a stretch to say the mirage dragon replaces the blue dragon. The rest I don't think match up very well to any of the old ogl dragons though
I wouldn't say so. Unless specifically stated, a dragon from monster core doesn't replace a dragon type from the old guard. So far that's only the Horned Dragon, which took over for Green. I'm hoping that eventually the rest of them will have similar comparisons, so that one can simply replace all x type dragons with y. Thus someone like Mengkare wouldn't just be a dragon who is gold, but whatever kind of dragon golds turn into. Maybe that will be the Empyrean dragon someday, or maybe something new.

Much like spells I'm guessing they can't officially say what is replacing what. So it might be user discretion to figure out.

Personally I'm guessing he'd probably be empyreal.

Paizo has already gone on record as saying, as Stone Dog reiterated a few posts above, that the various named dragons on Golarion are still around and still have the same abilities they had before, but will not be referred to by their species name anymore.

Now will that change as Paizo comes up with new dragon kinds or rebrands old ones? We can only speculate.

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At yeast it's all over now.

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Not to say that their spell-casting tradition from pre-remaster will dictate their post-remaster tradition, after all the arcane Green Dragon became the primal Horned Dragon, but most of the Imperial dragons were arcane casters, with the exception of the Primal Forest Dragon and the Occult Sovreign Dragon.

It would make some sense if the Imperial dragons remained mostly arcane since Eastern Dragons were, in a sense, more magical than the mostly bestial western dragons. Though it wouldn't surprise me if the imperial dragons were also rebranded as being divine since Eastern Dragons were closer to gods in Eastern Mythology.

It warms my heart to see I'm not the only one who's going to sorely miss the Mimic, and that there are nearly as many ideas about how to refill its niche as there are people who miss them.

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scary harpy wrote:
I hope Monster Core 2...

I'm skeptical that there will be a Monster Core 2. Before the OGL nonsense necessitated a change in priorities for Paizo they'd moved away from generalized bestiaries in favor of more thematic books that include a bestiary for that theme.

scary harpy wrote:
Can anything be done to help Goblin Dogs with their dander/mange/whatever it has?

I have managed to accidentally create a concoction that will surely treat the worst dander conditions known on Golarion! All I have to do is analyze this concoction to figure out how to replicate it and...

{goblin lab assistant drinks the concoction}

Well $#!%.

PossibleCabbage wrote:

Like the thing about the mimic, I think, is elucidating. It's not important to reproduce the actual monster, even if the image of "a chest with teeth" is iconic. It's more important to reproduce the niche that monster fills- specifically a predator that poses as a thing the PCs think is safe or interesting in order to ambush them.

Wall-hangings, furniture, or floor rugs that attack you is basically the same monster. You could make it different by not having it be the actual item be the monster transformed, but make it work like a magical sort of trap door spider that uses whatever it is as camouflage.

Like make it an extradimensional spider that hides in books, where when you open the book the spider emerges from the portal to attack you (as the monster assumes most people sit down to read a book when they are alone and *not* heavily armed.) Make it a monster with good saves so it's harder to fight off with magic.

This is all very true.

Though I still can't get my brain away from the "Who's on First?" shenanigans that would come from calling them "Fakes." lol

Changing gears, a lot of demons that represent classic sins seem unlikely to return. Thoughts on renames/rebrands for those?

Easl wrote:

Outside of RPG trade names, that is the broad use of the term 'chimera'. I.e. when not used as a proper noun referring to the specific Greek mythical critter, the word chimera can refer to any animal hybrid.

It would be nice if Paizo just used the term correctly. Former-owlbear is now referred to as a chimera because technically it always was a type of chimera. But if they just don't want to go there, I'll understand.

That's a good point, it's the same thing that always bugged the heck out of me about using Medusa as the name of a species rather than a person. Now granted, Gorgon wouldn't be technically correct for my example either since they were the "Gorgon sisters" but at least that'd be indicative of a group.

Lurking Predator isn't a bad suggestion for mimics, though I think I'd still like a shorter name for them in my games. Faux? Fake? ... Oh man the "Who's on First" level of nonsense we could have if we renamed Mimics to Fakes. {evil laugh}

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that I can still use the Pre-Remaster monsters as-is (with some mechanical adjustments such as removing alignment) in my home game and that nobody is going to send the Pinkertons to my doorstep for daring to say Owlbear... {side-eye to Hasbro...}.

But just for fun, how would we rebrand or rename some of the OGL monsters that (probably) won't be making a return?

For instance, Paizo has already demonstrated rebranding the Green Dragon into the Horned Dragon, and I seem to recall they teased they were already doing something similar with some as-of-yet not yet disclosed dragons.

Or what could we rename the mimic? Hungry Object? Faker? Poser?

Or, of course, the Owlbear? Raptorbear? Birdbear if you're feeling alliterative?

Seeing some of the renames I'd like to try renaming some of the monsters that didn't make the cut, even if it only amounts to a thought exercise.

And of course I am saying that on the gross assumption that all of the "casualties" are gone forever. Yes some of them are in the sense they'll never be committed to print going forward, but others are probably just waiting on the new paintjob.

Single file works for me now. Thank you Paizo.

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Roy Random wrote:
Cannot get Monster Core. The zip file is tiny. Refreshed many times and tried different browsers. Any idea when this will be fixed.

Jim mentioned between 10 and 11 Pacific time. A hand full have mentioned having it fixed yet but some, like myself, have not gotten the fix yet. So hopefully soon.

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Alas I cannot share in the joy, because now the compressed folder doesn't even have a PDF in it when I try and download it. I will eagerly await the all clear.

I just now got told by my PDF reader that the file is either not a pdf or it's corrupted.

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I have a bit of a distaste for gunslinger so I admit I don't know the ins-and-outs of the class; so if my advice fails to account for some nuance of the gunslinger I apologize in advance.

I'd say investigator archetype to pick up Investigator's Stratagem. It eats an action, but it's also not a limited daily resource so you'll know ahead of time whether to chance a shot or not.

If you're not worried about daily resources the occult spell list probably has the most amount of spells to help with accuracy; Bless, Sure Strike, Heroism, Haste for an action-economy boost.

Just don't forget to meet the Attribute prerequisites.

Ruzza wrote:
I think I'm alright with the Heart having a massive, city-wide charm, if only because it's an interesting plot point and the PCs won't really be interacting with it (unless they have a "Would you kindly...?" moment with the holder of the Heart as a grand reveal, which I am all for). The issue to me comes with the Shards

The shards being too powerful and/or too similar to the Heart is a valid point. I will take this into consideration.

Ruzza wrote:

My proposal might be a little unusual, but we're spitballing here! Here's a few thoughts:

1. Instead lower the charm range its normal 30 ft and make it unlimited casting as well. Drop it to a 4th level charm so it's single target stil. This means that it's not so effective as to neuter entire invading forces (and defending forces) as a time, but morally wrong as you have a ruler who could essentially just ensorcell politcal rivals and members of the court. Probably good to almost make wielders immune to the charm effects of other Shards.


3. Change out the charm into different enchantments: command, suggestion, telepathic demand, or even crusade make for some interesting choices. The idea here is that the Shardbearer abuses their station to truly control the minds of their people.

Yeah I like these, I think I will drop the shard's ability to do the super-charm. I'll have to think about which of these I use but I do like these suggestions. Thank you.

Ruzza wrote:
2. Scrap the charm entirely and instead make the Shard incredibly defensive - something like a permanent sanctuary or animus mine in effect. The idea that the holder of a Shard is untouchable unless approached by someone more powerful or the Shardbearer breaks out into violence is an interesting story.

Might be an interesting story but I'm not entirely sure about this one. I'll still consider it.

Ruzza wrote:
I mean, these are just ideas - I feel like a mile-wide charm with an essentially impossible DC doesn't provide much for the PCs to work with, especially if they get caught in it. Then there's a weird "you should roleplay not liking this guy, but not enough to kill him," thing that sort of happens.

Thank you for all the suggestions, they've been a huge help.

Finoan wrote:
To me this just cries out for a Set Relic implementation. Only after the campaign ends does the full relic set get assembled and have campaign-ending powers. During the course of the campaign the shards and even the heart have only limited and level-appropriate abilities.

Eh... the incremental power of relics isn't really appealing when the PC's aren't going to be interacting with the shards directly for most of the story. And I'd rather the ruler keep the powerful artifact without NEEDING the shards since that serves as their bulwark against being completely overthrown.

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This is... not the sibling I'd been hoping to get a safe confirmation for. Back to biting what's left of my nails.

Ruzza wrote:

Typically when it comes to "campaign-defining artifacts" I would say that it really only should do what you need it to do. Like, need a Macguffin that will end the world? Boom, an artifact that calls forth earthquakes exists and now it must be destroyed.

But looking at this, I can't exactly wrap my head around what its purpose is. Like, okay, the holder of the Heart of the Nation can essentially use it to influence people easily, moreso for those in the land. I think I like that, but I would use that more for "Make An Impression" specifically than a flat bonus to everything. That or just have people of the nation treat you as one step more friendly. I enjoy the calling of the council as well!

Thank you for your feedback, I hope I can answer some of your question. The artifact's creator intended to unite the fractious clan heads and unite them into a single nation, to that end they created the Heart and shards, with its various investiture restrictions, with the intention of fostering cooperation among the newly minted Lords; ie, a convenient way to convene council, uniting the shards to declare a new ruler, stealing the shards wouldn't help if the prior investor is still alive. The creator also envisioned the charming power being used to rally support in times of emergency for the nation, but made shard carriers immune to prevent anyone from using the magic of the heart/shards from influencing the election of a new sovereign.

Of course the current civil war shows that the creator was too idealistic still as now the lords have fallen into trying to kill each other for their shards and rallying their civilians for war against each other rather than a hostile power. The ruler's greater power to charm others within a mile has prevented anyone from straight up trying to overthrow the ruler, for now, but it hasn't been enough to truly curb the civil war since that would risk traveling to each domain and suddenly becoming vulnerable.

tl;dr of that explanation, the creator of the Heart had good intentions in creating a tool of rule, but ultimately failed to consider that so many lords would resort to force of arms all over again. I hope that makes sense but if you have suggestions on how the artifact may better reflect that I'm open to suggestions.

Ruzza wrote:
But then we get to the Ruler's Charisma/Lord's Charisma. These feel... huh. These feel very weird. Mechanics aside for a moment, this is a mile-wide, target as many people as I'd like with, essentially, a form of mind control? If the point of the artifact is that it's an evil thing and shouldn't fall into the hands of wicked rulers, then yeah, I'm all for this. This feels like "Lord Rulerman holds the Heart and none can hate him. His uses his power to massage his ego and drive his citizens to death through overwork/whathaveyou." I think that's a pretty decent idea, actually, but not sure if that's what you're going for. I mean, it also just works on everyone regardless of their nationality and within a mile and lasts for a full day. It's pretty darn strong, which makes sense for a level 25 artifact, but morally very dubious and potentially too powerful in an unfun way.

I was aiming for morally dubious so I'm glad for that at least. For the potentially 'unfun' factor I don't intend for the Heart to even be a factor in the campaign until the very tail end of it; if the PCs want to support the currently well-intentioned but ineffectual ruler than it won't be antagonistic. But if they decide to support someone else, they'll have enough shards that the ruler can't just instantly charm them into compliance. Hopefully side-stepping the 'unfun' bit.

All of that said, I am completely open to something over than Charming as a power of the heart/shards. It fit my criteria of morally dubious and a useful power for a ruler to have, especially since it had the mental trait like the "Call Council" power (glad you like that one!). I'm again open to suggestions.

Ruzza wrote:
Then we get the the shards. So when it comes to these things, I don't assume that they'll be in the hands of level 18th or 19th level characters, but something that's a part of the campaign fairly early. I probably need more information on it, but wouldn't the goal of these to be put into the hands of those loyal to the holder of the Heart? And my assumption is these are the PCs? This feels... way too powerful and, like I said, not really not really interactive. "We're going to storm this fort? Give me an hour and charm everyone within. At most they'll be Unfriendly and we'll just talk our way through until they give in."

I'm hoping to work things out so the PCs become immune to the super-charm effect, but looking at this now that would mean getting their own shards which is... less than ideal until pretty late in the game. I think I need to make a different clause on who is and isn't immune, assuming the super-charm stays. Thank you for highlighting this.

EDIT: Maybe a shard-bearer can either charm a lot of people, or choose to make those same people within that same distance immune to charming effects of 8th rank or lower? The Heart could maybe do the same for 10th rank or lower. Heck maybe the Heart bearer can do both in the same day?

I'm planning a campaign where an artifact plays a central role in the story. The gist is that the story is set in a nation embroiled in civil war among various lords vying for power. Before the civil war they would all unite their pieces of this artifact to name one of their own as the Ruler of the nation, but now said ruler has been unable to put a stop to the various lord's warmongering.

The goal of this campaign is for the PCs to restore one of the Lords to power after they were defeated, but their shard of the artifact had not been claimed. So my goal is to try and create an artifact that has enticing power even in its shards, but whose main component isn't so overbearingly powerful that the ruler could just end the civil war easily. So some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Heart of the Nation:
Level 25
[Unique] [Arcane] [Artifact] [Invested]
This brilliant pink gemstone is shaped like a teardrop as large as a human head. Anyone who has invested the Heart of the Nation can create seemingly limitless spheroid Shards of the Nation, with the only apparent effect being that the Heart of the Nation's size is reduced so that it fits in the palm of a person’s hand. The Heart of the Nation can only be invested when all of its shards are reunited with the Heart of the Nation within the Nation's borders. This investiture is permanent until invested by another individual. The Heart of the Nation does not count against the normal limit for invested magical items.

The Heart of the Nation grants a +2 item bonus to all charisma-based skill checks, this bonus increases to +4 for checks used on citizens of the Nation. The Heart of the Nation is inextricably tied to the land of the Nation and any who leave the Nation with it will find themselves drawn back to the Nation, as though the gem itself is attempting to return to the Nation.

Activate-Convene Council 10 minutes (concentrate, mental, sleep) Frequency once per day; Effect You call upon all those who possess a Shard of the Nation to convene for council. You and all those invested in a Shard of the Nation may choose to sleep and gain the effects of Dream Council. The effect lasts for 8 hours or until all subjects wake up.

Activate-Ruler’s Charisma 1 Hour (concentrate, emotion, incapacitation, mental, subtle) Frequency once per day; Effect You affect the hearts of a huge number of targets. This functions as a 10th-rank Charm, but with a range of 1 mile, no critical failure result, and able to affect any number of targets. Targets who see the caster after the spell is complete find the caster to be charming and likable. The Will save to resist this spell is usually DC 48, but the Nation's citizens must instead roll against DC 50. Anyone in possession of a Shard of the Nation is immune to this effect.

Destruction If a foreign invader conquers The Nation and chooses not to claim the Heart of The Nation as the spoils of war, the Heart of the Nation will turn into worthless and powerless stone.

Shard of The Nation:
Level 20
[Rare] [Arcane] [Artifact] [Invested]
Resembling a brilliant pink spheroid that one can clench in their fist, a Shard of the Nation can only be invested within the borders of the Nation, and only if the one who has currently invested the Shard of the Nation is dead, or if they willingly bequeath their Shard of the Nation. This investiture is permanent until invested by another individual. A Shard of the Nation does not count against the normal limit for invested magical items.

The Heart of the Nation grants a +2 item bonus to all charisma-based skill checks. The Shards of the Nation are inextricably tied to the land of the Nation and any who leave the Nation with it will find themselves drawn back to the Nation, as though the shard itself is attempting to return to the Nation.

Activate-Lord’s Charisma 1 Hour (concentrate, emotion, incapacitation, mental, subtle) Frequency once per day; Effect You affect the hearts of a huge number of targets. This functions as an 8th-rank Charm, but with a range of 1 mile, no critical failure result, and able to affect any number of targets. Targets who see the caster after the spell is complete find the caster to be charming and likable. The Will save to resist this spell is usually DC 43, but citizens of the associated Lord's lands must instead roll against DC 45. Anyone in possession of a Shard of the Nation is immune to this effect.

Destruction If the Heart of the nation is destroyed, all extant Shards of the Nation become worthless stones.

Squark wrote:

I wouldn't call it oppressively overpowered. The Rogue's fortitude progression is still bad. It's not entirely unprecedented either, given the fighter has a lighter version with Bravery.

I'm not saying it couldn't be a copy-paste error, but I don't think it's something in urgent need of fixing.

Not oppressively overpowered. I would like to highlight your example of the Fighter's Bravery feature; the fighter only bumps will saves versus fear effects.

Rogue Resilience bumps all fortitude saves. So now the rogue gets to be a capable damage dealer, martial weapon proficient, THE skill monkey, AND the ability to bump all saving throws? I won't call it super oppressive, just that it seems a bit much.

Question about a cut monster:
So is the mimic gone then? I'm hoping not... it kind of did a thing no other creatures in the game really did.

A swordsman with a variety of magic then? Would a Magus with an archetype that grants them access to healing magic be viable as well?

Atalius wrote:
Looking for opinions on the best Champion reaction for a caster character. Would only be dipping into Champion for this evil reaction.

As a caster you're not going to have the hit points to suffer Destructive Vengeance. For pure damage reduction, Selfish Shield's best. But if you want your enemy to be dropped prone or take damage in retaliation go for Iron Command.

But as Meatshed said, this won't help if an enemy is damaging you from more than fifteen feet away.

I'm not familiar with the Dragon Quest games but my understanding is that the main heroes have become something of an archetype in Japanese media depicting more western-style fantasies. Now I'm curious if anyone more experienced with this style of "Hero" might have some advice on some class and/or archetype combos that might be good fits? Suggestions for both free archetype or without free archetype would be appreciated.

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Barring anything I need to add in due to accidentally missing something or glossing over something, My Magus Guide has been updated to the Remaster!

roquepo wrote:

Thanks for the good work. Was a nice read.

I really liked the TLDR idea, will shamelessly snatch it for my own guide most likely.


Or maybe I will shamelessly snatch your shameless snatch! Mua ha ha ha ha...! :-P

Trixleby wrote:
Are all these guides and stuff still updated?

I can confirm that the one I wrote: Martial Magicks, a guide for the 2nd edition Magus, has been updated up to Rage of Elements.

I've yet to give this more than just a glance, I've been procrastinating on a few things since Rage of Elements was published so I've some catch-up to do, but I will say I'm glad to see you put in the time and effort to explain this class. Quite a few things about the class took me a few re-reads to understand so I'm sure this will be a big help for some people. ;-)

James Jacobs wrote:

We do know what monsters will be in Monster Core, but that list isn't public yet and won't be for many months, I suspect. That said, that list is NOT the same as a "These are the OGL monsters we aren't going to be updating" which is different than the list of "These are OGL monsters we are updating but changing names and rules for" and that's different than "These are OGL monsters that we don't have to change because they aren't something we inherited from D&D's SRD".

It's all a very complex issue, but once Monster Core is out later next year folks will have a pretty good idea when comparing that to Bestiary 1 which monsters did and didn't make the cut.

And of course, we won't stop publishing monsters, be they remastered ones from previous publications for Paizo in its 3.5 era, 1st edition era, or OGL 2nd once Monster Core is done.

Guess I should have realized that a question related to publishing licenses wouldn't necessarily have a straight-forward answer. lol. Thanks for the clarification. ;-)

Sibelius Eos Owm wrote:

Good news is somebody made a thread just like this one in pursuit of similar answers. Bad news is its not entirely a comprehensive list so much as half speculation and half insights into genuine possibilities (with I think a few dev comments) for 300 posts, so it may require some close interrogation to divine the answers you seek.

Monster Core Speculation

A comprehensive list would be more to my liking; having said that I do appreciate this link. Thank you.

I actually have VERY little history with D&D in-and-of itself, I've played exactly two games of it. So I'm not entirely familiar with what Pathfinder creatures relied on the OGL to be around. Like I get that the presentation of dragons is going to have to be different from D&D's, and I can guess at a few but I don't really have a comprehensive list. So as the title question says, what isn't coming back with the remaster?

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