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5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

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The certificate thing seems to be happening every so often. What causes it to happen? Does it need to be updated manually? Can't it be automated in some way?

I'm not complaining, far from it, I'm just curious to know how it works behind the scenes. Apologies if these were dumb questions.

aobst128 wrote:

Might as well start one of these off. Those with copies know what to do.

Roiling Mudslide on page 37 does not mention what the area of the effect is.

Roiling Mudslide wrote:
You form water and earth into a mudslide that smashes your opponents and coats them in mud. Each creature in the area takes 2d8 bludgeoning damage with a basic Fortitude save against your class DC. A creature that fails is also pushed 5 feet (or 10 feet on a critical failure) and coated in mud until the end of its next turn. While coated in mud, the creature falls prone at the end of its movement any time it ends a move action other than a Crawl or Step. The creature can attempt an Acrobatics check or Reflex save against your class DC, avoiding the fall if it succeeds.

Standing up is also a move action. So getting up means you automatically get knocked prone again. So you're basically prone for the whole turn?

Not sure if it's an error, but it sounds funky to me.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

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I love Larry Wilhelm. His scenarios are some of my favourite. Forbidden Furnace is just wonderful flavour. Immortal Conundrum is a fantastic bit of worldbuilding, Golemworks Incident is an all-time fan favourite. No Plunder, No Pay is a bit light, but has great NPCs, Shadows Fall on Absalom is great and strange, and while the scenario overall is kinda okay, I love the little details in Storming the Diamond Gate. And all his Fiend scenarios are great as well.

I really wish he'd come back for PF2, he'd do an awesome job I think.

That's true, but I've read a ruling that says only objects get shrunk. Anyone still living does not count as an object, and therefore does not shrink.

I think it'd use the same rules as embiggening it. Since there's a creature inside, shrinking the frog won't work (creature inside won't shrink with it, since it's not an object).

I had an idea for PFS1 where I would pretty much do the same. If the creature inside stays alive, frog can't shrink down and is perma-enlarged. The trick, however, was keeping the thing inside alive for long enough to this to happen.

Shriketalon wrote:
If the mind theme was designed like a Kineticist element, it would A) have multiple mechanical roles, so a lot of your spells are control effects on enemies, but some might buff allies as well, giving you thematic options, and B) provide a way to empower your own magic to overcome the walls they know you specifically will hit. Maybe that means your mind magic can control the base instincts of the ooze, reprogram constructs, or mimic the commands of the necromancer who raised those undead. Or maybe it just means that these creatures are constructed a bit differently, so that they automatically critically succeed saving throws against mind-altering effects, but you have an ability that turns all enemy critical successes into normal successes to future-proof it. It could take many forms. In this model, your spell school IS your bread and butter, and it's very toasty bred with delicious butter that has a built-in way to overcome mold (the metaphor is breaking down). But if you were a wizard who chose to diversify, you would simply set that undead on fire. Both options would be available, and both would be fun and viable.

I feel like you have it the wrong way around: the whole game is designed around different types of encounters and not doing the same thing over and over, but that's why the Kineticist is the exception, not the rule. Martials have different weapons, spellcasters can choose different spells if one option doesn't work. Kineticists don't, and that's why they get a little help. Allowing a mind-wizard to target oozes and mind-immune stuff just means they get to keep pressing the same button over and over again without repercussions.

And, in all honesty, I keep saying that the Kineticist is an exception, but I personally think it shouldn't. The Fire Kineticist should face the same problems the Fire-elemental Sorcerer. Specialisation comes at the cost of utility, and either all classes get it, or none of them. I'm in favour of the latter, clearly. And hell, each flavour of Kineticist has their own strengths and weaknessess already. Fire is great at offense, not so great at defense, and so on. The Wizard as-is has no weaknesses, apart from not being able to survive in direct melee, but that's not the issue.

Sanityfaerie wrote:
So... yeah. They currently are big umbrella lists, and this "themes" thing is intended to be a fix for some of the problems that raises. If you want your standard super-flexible casters, the solution is easy - just give them a bunch of themes. I'm not trying to prevent people from playing the batman wizard who has a spell for every occasion. Thing is, though, there's a lot of the playerbase that wants to play magic-users who aren't that... and the spell list thing means that every full caster pretty much is that, automatically. That's why we cant' give casters the really good buffs. We have to limit their spell DC because they have enough breadth in their spells to pick whichever defense they want to target. We have to limit the effectiveness of battle forms because after they're done playing around in battle form, they get to come back up out of it and use a bunch of spells that aren't battle form. Also... there are serious and largely unavoidable similarities between any two classes on the same list. There are differences between a divine sorceror and a divine witch and an oracle, but they're not as significant as we might want. So this structure lets them easily have both classes that get a lot of themes (and the breadth that goes with them) and only a few themes (and the ability to get other stuff with the budget that that specialization frees up).

See my comment above about how specialisation should come at the cost of utility. If you're a fire Wizard and you're fighting a fire elemental, well, that sucks. Better luck next time.

But secondly, the classes are all very broad in scope, and for a reason. You get to fill in how you want that class to function in your game. That necessarily means it has to remain open-ended design-wise so that you don't cut off possibilities for others. It's much easier to design these big umbrella lists and classes that use these lists than design several hyper-specific cases. As alluded to earlier by someone else, it's insanely difficult to balance them all against each other. Much easier to play it safe than to lose yourself in overdesigned subcategories and still piss off a big part of the audience.
And again, the remaster is going to give the Wizard schools. I don't know how many there are going to be, but from the examples they gave it's easy enough to homebrew your own. Also, as I said before as well, just because you have access to everything doesn't mean you have to use everything. If you're upset that your kablooie Fireball-Wizard has the potential (not even the ability, merely the possibility of being out of theme) to learn a non-destructive spell, you're taking things too far, IMHO.
I'm reminded of that person a while ago who was angry that they couldn't dump their DEX all the way to 1 because they wanted to play a person in a wheelchair. That big fat 8 on their character sheet was so much proof that they could move that it broke their fantasy. I feel this is similar: they couldn't suspend their disbelief because the rules didn't allow them to, while I feel it's the other way around: your imagination should be able to overlook such a detail that it isn't an issue anymore.

Calliope5431 wrote:

Oh totally. I'm one of those people who thinks domain should determine like 80 percent of your spells. Obviously it's not a perfect solution, but the way sorcerers work in 2E is close to what I'd like to see. Clerics of Nethys get the arcane list, clerics of Gozreh get primal, and so on.

But obviously that is still pretty broad. And Zon-Kuthon doesn't fit any established spell list. Ditto Forum.

Oh, I would love a WIS-based caster with variable spell lists. INT has the Witch and CHA has the Sorcerer, but unless I'm derping really hard, WIS doesn't have one yet. But I don't know if the Cleric is the right class for that. As you said, a lot of deities don't have a closely associated spell theme, but I liked how PF1 had the domain spells, where each domain had specific spells you could cast. Not sure why they did away with that and only tied spells to deities (probably too many domains that made it too easy to mix and match or to keep track of), but at least that reasonably differentiated a Cleric of Gozreh from a Cleric of Iomedae quite a bit.

Also, I like Clerics being the posterchild Wisdom-caster. I mean, in the Core Rulebook they compete with the Druid, but so does the Sorcerer with the Bard. Anyway, I feel like with all the history behind them, I think it feels strange to alter the Cleric too much now. It's an easy argument that "we've always done it that way," and sometimes that can change (look at the Sorcerer: at first they were similar to the Wizard, but now they get to choose their tradition), but some things are tradition for a reason. A non-divine Cleric just feels wrong to me. No status removal spells, no "f@~+ you, evil spawn" spells, and so on... Again, specific Focus Spells and more deity/domain spells would fix most of that problem much more elegantly. It keeps the core of the class intact, and it still gives customisation.

Calliope5431 wrote:
What I find harder to swallow is priests of vampiric demon lords dropping sunbursts and good-aligned followers of the omnibenevolent goddess of love and beauty (Shelyn) creating vampiric maidens that slowly and painfully drain the life from their victims. Or cursing their enemies with agonizing despair . Or ripping the blood from their bodies with vampiric exsanguination .

I'd like to say that just because players can, doesn't mean they will. Any person who takes their RP seriously won't take those spells, because it's not what their character would do. And hey, even then, spells are just tools. I can totally see someone worshiping that vampiric demon priest preparing a Sunburst, purely because it's a powerful tool to be used. The ends justify the means and all that. And hell, Sudden Blight is on the Primal list. If Druids get access to a spell that destroys plantlife, I'm okay with a hippie Disney princess deity like Shelyn gaining Vampiric Maiden.

Shriketalon wrote:
Imagine the wizard had the same kind of decision as a kineticist. A battle mage might get the Arcana theme for being a wizard, and the Battle Mage school grants them Warding and a choice between Fire/Lightning/Ice/Acid/Thunder. Over time, the mage takes the Expanded Studies option to pick up more elements and a few other war-appropriate themes for a huge repertoire of spells. This mage exploits elemental weaknesses to bombard enemies and pairs it with a few buffs or summons for good measure. They are versatile, and powerful as a result.

I mean, this is overlapping with the "What Exact is the Wizard Anyway?"-thread, but that's exactly why the Wizard had spell school specialisation (or schools in the remaster), right? They want you to be able to specialise in a specific theme without overcommitting. Like I said earlier, say I specialise in mind-affecting spells. Phantom Pain, Sleep, Agonizing Despair, and so on. All my spells are in this category. And now I'm fighting oozes. Or mindless undead. Or golems (though golems are an "f- you" to spellcasters in general). What are you gonna do now? The school you choose is supposed to be a bonus, a thing you excel at, not your bread and butter. It's to prevent you from making bad decisions you don't know are bad until way later. The remaster especially fixes this with a small list of bonus spells so that it's easy to homebrew extra schools without requiring hours of research or balancing. You get a handful of extra spells on top of your regularly allotted spells to show you've specialised in this subject, but not at the cost of anything else. Hell, even the Kineticist, who goes all-in on one or two damage types, has a failsafe built in. All the blasts (except fire) have two damage types they can do, just in case your enemy is immune to one of them. And there's two different feats to alter those blasts even more, making sure you're never out of options.

And hell, don't forget about Focus Spells. They're the ideal way to give each existing theme some spice without cribbing from other spell lists. Most of the classes can choose between several options to differentiate themselves from others of the same class. Giving them themed spells on top of that feels like overkill.

I mean, the spell lists are big umbrella lists for a reason. If they had to split up all the spells by alignment or theme, it'd become a mess. It's easier to have a few exceptions to the rule rather than a whole bunch of separate rules to fit everything (and potentially keep expanding when more deities are released).

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I feel like giving each class only a handful of "themes" to work with will hamper their utility, unless they make sure to cover all the bases in each theme. And at that point, what's the point of picking a theme?
What I mean is, say the Cleric gets one default theme: Healing. And then one or two themes based on their deity. I pick Shelyn and get Protection (defensive buffs) and Passion (enchantment-type spells). Now I have no way to directly deal damage to my opponents.
Meanwhile, a Druid gets all the elemental spells. But that covers a whole lot, from defensive (Barkskin, Protector Tree), offensive (Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Cone of Cold), control (Mud Pit), support (Endure Elements), and so on. Unless you force them to also make a choice (only have Fire and Water spells, for example), at which point they basically become a Kineticist.

You're basically reinventing the wheel and making up new spell schools based on theme and handing them out to different (sub)classes. Which seems cool at first glance, but pigeon-holes builds even more and potentially cuts them off from options available to them otherwise.
And don't forget that flavour can justify basically anything if you're not careful (see also early Magic: the Gathering, where Blue could do direct damage, or Red had counterspells). Fire is the go-to element of destruction (damage spells), but could so be seen as cleansing (healing or status removal). If you don't curate those spell lists very carefully, you can undo the whole balance of each theme (assuming you want them balanced in the first place).
I'm much more in favour of handing out a few select spells or themes as a bonus, rather than to design the whole system around it. But that's basically already happened: Clerics can learn non-divine spells through their deity's portfolio, Sorcerers get bloodline spells, and so on. If they expanded on this and gave basically every spellcasting class these options, you'd have very much what you wanted in the first place.
And like people said, it makes character creation hell for new players. Right now, a Cleric gets the divine list, easy as that. But imagine a first-time player having to decide from 30+ themes which they want to be stuck with for the rest of their character's career? And when you're starting out, you don't know all the spells or their potential.

What would be cool I think is if certain classes got bonuses depending on the spells they actually use. Sorcerers kinda get that with their Blood Magic. Though maybe that gets too complicated with too many floating modifiers. But imagine a Cleric of Sarenrae getting a bonus on hit points healed when they cast a Heal spell, a Bard getting a free round of a spell that's normally sustained, and so on. The spells stay the same, but depending on which class casts them, they get unique effects and feel more distinct.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

My table ran a little shorter than usual. Like, 3-3.5 hours. The encounter with Gedun and Yeyacha quickly became a social encounter, which is handled much faster than an entire combat. Essentially, the scenario had only 2 combats instead of 3, which frees up a lot of time.

My players were kinda disappointed that there is nothing to do in the other rifts in area B. I quickly decided that some of the familiars were hanging out in the other portals, so there was an actual reason to visit them. I feel it really livened up the scenario, but only do this if you know they're doing well on time. Having little skill checks to get the familiars to come with you made it much more entertaining, such as maybe having a familiar be caught in a whirlwind/stuck on a rock on the water in area B4, or be injured by the fire in area B3. Obviously don't count time for that, but my players really enjoyed interacting with the new environments.

Also, I handled area B in general as a kind of "minimap." Just draw it section by section on a piece of paper/empty flipmat to show their approximate location. I found it a happy medium between drawing out the entire map and doing theatre of the mind. It still gave the players a bit of visualisation of where to go without any room for error theatre of the mind might have.

I think I'll grab Bottlespeaker.

UncleFroggy, please take care! I see you offer to GM a lot, please don't burn yourself out!

Hawthwile: I think in official PFS rules, you're not allowed to "cheat" your character in any way. But, since this is an adventure with pregens (and it's a Free RPG Day adventure anyways), I don't think there's any requirement to run it in PFS mode. We could technically all make our own characters and play it completely separate from the PFS structure, then assign the Chronicles as normal. The only issue is that this is a Gameday game, which might mandate PFS play. I'm not sure on the rules there.

Anyway, that's just my ideas as a player, I just wanted to offer options. I'll defer to the GM, as they have the final word in this.


Completely unrelated, I've been wanting to GM this one (that's why I signed up as a player first). How long would this run IRL? Is it full Scenario-length, or more/less? I'm just wondering if I can fill a regular 4-four slot with this adventure.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

Tracker is doing the thing again where the certificate's probably expired.

Hello! I'm interested in playing this one. If at all possible, I'd like to play a pregen, as I don't have a leshy in tier. But as I'm player number 5 according to the event listing, I'm happy to let the other four choose first and drop out if all of the pregens are claimed.

I feel like the deity to die has to have a certain combination of popularity and story potential. You want to kill someone people care about (but maybe not too much), but also someone that has lore implications. Gozreh's death would mean the wilds are "wilder," but I don't see any big stories coming from that. And killing off an unpopular god means the player base doesn't care. I feel like most evil deities fall under this, as PCs don't tend to worship them (Apart from Asmodeus).

And, some deities are just too much a cornerstone of the setting. You just don't off Sarenrae or Pharasma within the same edition. It'd have too many ramifications for continuity. Also for PFS play. Imagine saying to all the players you can't be a cleric of Nethys anymore (not without immediately giving a replacement deity).

So IMHO there needs to be a Goldilocks deity that people will miss, but not too much, with interesting ramifications, but won't upset the playerbase too much.
My bet is on one of the evil deities that you can't worship anyway. All the other deities have their fanbase. Asmodeus is problematic for OGL, but people like him too much, however interesting the succession for Hell might be. I've never once cared for Lamashtu and I don't see any interesting story developments. Norgorber is a popular villain deity, but I could see it working. Rovagug is the same as Lamashtu, but at least he has lore implications. Urgathoa is a cool undead deity and has interesting lore stuff as mentioned before. And if Zon-Kuthon dies, he might get absorbed into Zon-Shelyn, thought IMHO it's a bit lame to say "a deity dies!" and mention Zon-Shelyn in the same speech if they're connected.

I don't really see the use of a separate class/archetype, especially with the remaster doing away with schools. Basically, the Wizard school filled that niche. The only difference this would make is that it would allow non-Wizards to choose it.

Besides, with spell schools disappearing, specifically re-creating one seems counterintuitive. I mean, you could do the same with an Illusionist tradition, and so on. I think I read somewhere that in theory they could create a class named the Necromancer now if they wanted to. That seems doable, but you'd need to create feats around it to work. Just a spell list would be way too limiting.

I'm not sure if they have enough meat on their bones to fill an entire tradition. The whole idea of the Elementalist is that it pulls from all spell lists to mix-and-match their own tradition, but I'm not sure if that's true for a Necromancer. Would it just have access to all Necromancy spells, or just the undead-related ones? In case of the second, it'd be way too narrow. There's a reason Wizards got an extra slot per level dedicated to their own school: that's their specialisation reward. The other slots were meant to be filled with other stuff to prevent you from going all-in. Say you're an Illusionist and fill all your slots with enchantment spells. You go into a dungeon full of mindless stuff. In that case, you're absolutely screwed. If it's the former, I still don't see why a specific class would exist for it. Basically any spellcaster can become a "-mancer" class if they pick the right spells. But as I said before, without actual class support they'd feel too shallow to be enjoyable.

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See, that wasn't a dumb question, that was, er... A public service announcement! >_>

Er... I just got access to this scenario, while it's slated to be for July. Is this a mistake? And if it isn't, am I allowed to run it already?

I might want to start playing the Poppet Barbarian in an IRL game soon, so it being tied up for a whole year might be a bit much. I'll whip up something new. :)

I have three glyphs, so I think we all start with 2 Hero Points. :)

Hmm, I see now that Ira kroll signed up with a Sprite Barbarian. My Poppet idea was also for a tiny Barbarian, so that might be a bit much. :P

I'll skip the flat check. I thought we were just sticking with the same character, but if we can switch characters in and out, I have no more complaints. :)

GM Tiger wrote:

Opening recruitment for:

04-01: Pathfinder Society Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st- through 4th-level characters.

Wonder abounds! The Pathfinder Society's vaults have suddenly recieved a huge treasure trove of precious items from around the world and beyond. Much remains mysterious about these objects, from their origins to the reason the trove's original owner was so desperate to be rid of it. A group of novice agents has the opportunity to explore the troves' wonders for themselves, but not all is as it seems. After being drawn into an otherworldly realm, they must use their wits and fight to escape with their lives!

Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder is the introduction to the plot of the Year of Boundless Wonder. This scenario presents treasures, characters, and themes that will feature in Year 4's metaplot, and so it is is a natural starting point for players looking to jump into the action.

Written by Mike Kimmel

Signup Link

Start: 48h after I notice 4 signups

Seats reserved for GM Eclipse and Quentin Coldwater. They do not need to fill in the rpg chronicles signup sheet

Why is there a spot reserved for me? Anyway, I'll let this one slide by, have fun! Xyntryx can have my seat.

I don't mind if people sign up with different level characters, but I'd personally like it if we were all the same level, so there's no weird power differences.

I said I'd prefer to GM in the middle, but end of 2023/start of 2024 is looking a bit weird for me right now, so I'll sign up as second.

□) #1-01 "Absalom Initiation" w/ GM rainzax @ June/July '23
□) #4-01 "Pathfinder Society Intro: Year of Boundless Wonder" w/ Quentin Coldwater Aug/Sept '23
□) #?-?? "???" w/ ?? @ Oct/Nov '23
□) #?-?? "???" w/ ?? @ Dec/Jan '24
□) #?-?? "???" w/ ?? @ Feb/Mar '24
□) #?-?? "???" w/ ?? @ Apr/May '24

Also, I have an idea for a Poppet character, but mechanically I'm not sure if it works or not. If it doesn't, I'd like to rebuild it as a not-Poppet. Should I wait with buying the Poppet boon until I'm sure I want to play it?

Hello! If possible, I'd like to join, but I might drop out at some point. 6 scenarios is a lot, and I get player fatigue if I play the same character for too long. I definitely want to GM before I drop out, so I wouldn't be a freeloader. Maybe if I GM somewhere in the middle that helps with keeping things fresh for me.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

As NielsenE said, ability scores and damage output don't correspond in Second Edition (same as DEX and AC or Reflex, for example). The ability scores are purely there in case an NPC is forced to do something that's not listed in their skills. In that case, you use the relevant modifier plus their level as their skill bonus.

You also see its to-hit would be wrong if you follow the same rules as PCs. It has a STR of +3, plus presumably trained (+2) and its level (-1) won't add up to +6. Same for its AC, saves, and most of its skills, actually.

In general (there are weird exceptions), NPC statblocks in scenarios are correct. Don't try to derive anything from its ability scores if you don't need to. 99% of the time, they are completely unnecessary.

Rainzax claimed the sixth spot I'm afraid, sorry. :(

No one's claimed it yet, so go ahead!

Gameplay thread is up! Go find it Here!
Reserved spots for:
Apoc Golem
Jason Rodarte
Dax Thura

So looks like there's space for one more person, if you're interested.

I'm willing to run Guardian's Covenant. I already see six people interested (if I can see/count correctly). I'll go set stuff up. Since Apoc Golem only has a level 3, I guess we're doing low tier.

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Spoilers for potential NPCs/enemies/interesting monsters (certainly not all of them, just several notable ones), obviously. List is randomised so you don't meet them in chronological order, but will contain physical descriptions. Be warned if you're sensitive to that stuff. These are the first three books:

spoiler monster list:

A few undead bears.
Two pretty brown-skinned elven women, diplomat-types. They wear uncut gems as jewelry. One in a green robe/dress, one in a blue robe/dress.
Several dwarves with manacles and a flail. Definitely thugs of some kind.
A skeletal Hellknight. Red cape, red-accented pauldrons, halberd.
Two monkey-like humanoids, wearing a horned skull as a helmet, with a big savage-looking longsword. Also has a dragon-like tail. Leather armour with bone accents.
Two peacocks with sharp feathers.
A panther-humanoid in robes.
Five-ish (not going to give exact numbers, but at least several) baboon-like warriors with a trident and hide armour, accented with red leaves.
Five-ish (not going to give exact numbers, but at least several) baboon-like warriors with hatchets and daggers. Definitely less impressive than the ones above.
A beaten up red-headed halfling man with thick long sideburns.
Brown-skinned elven man with a longbow in colourful mosaic-like splint mail. Long corn-row hair down his back. Sides of his head are shaven.
Humanoid monkey, hatchet in one hand, big red and gold clawed gauntlet in the other. Gauntlet is slightly smoky.
Goblin scholar/diplomat-type, carrying books.
A gnoll with a blind eye and a scar across it, wielding a flaming bow, scimitar at her side. Black and red leather armour.
Black-skinned woman with white hair, curling ram's horns, large claws and teeth.
Crocodile-like monster, light blue-ish body, with a red ridge on its back and down its legs. Large size.
Brown-skinned man, completely hairless, wearing a deep orange/red toga and slightly lighter red wings. Eyes glow deep yellow-orange.
Large wolf-like creature standing on its hind legs, with a bat face and bat ears, carrying a staff with a skull on it.
Female hobgoblin, rogue/bandit type. Grey skin, brown clothes, hood and cloak, dagger and rapier, eyepatch on left eye.
A female halfling servant.
Large red dragon with a metal spike sticking out of its chest. The wound is bleeding gold.
Blue water-dragon humanoid. Has a long tail. Looks like a spellcaster, but can definitely also participate in melee. Lightly armoured. Definitely more agile-looking than bulky or strong.
Man in noble outfit, heavily balding, combover, short blond beard.
Two half-elven women in a blue leather outfit, with a longbow.
Five-ish (not going to give exact numbers, but at least several) big frog-like humanoids with clubs, javelins, and studded leather armour.
Five-ish (not going to give exact numbers, but at least several) big frog-like humanoids with morningstars and slings. Definitely more agile than the ones above.
Five-ish (not going to give exact numbers, but at least several) big frog-like humanoids with staves. Definitely more spellcaster types.
Tortoise-like monster. Not exactly a turtle shell, but definitely a thick bulbous back with spikes all over it. Clawed paws, no flippers. Dirty yellow colour, covered in algae. Large size.
Human man with short brown hair that's combed back, eyepatch on his right eye, greatclub, chain shirt, and manacles.
Tanned human man with a spellbook and a morningstar. Wears fancy wizard robes. Long neat brown hair and a well-kept beard (several inches long, but no crazy Dumbledore-style beard).
Three bat-like humanoids. No clothing or armour.
Large-sized purple-skinned woman dressed in rags, long nails and pointy teeth, ratty black hair.
Hellknight with greatsword (though his art weirdly uses a polearm of some kind). Male, short brown hair, red side-cape/accents on his pauldrons.
Typical jungle explorer type guy. Green outfit, big mustache, dark blond hair, big blunderbuss, monocle.
A vulture-humanoid in robes.
Three or four savage-looking boars, medium-sized, wearing chains and covered in blood and scars.
Fancy noble-looking woman wearing a veil and expensive clothes. Not ostentatious-looking, but clearly well off.
Two kobolds, one red, one green.
Medium-sized spider-like creature. Three eyes, four normal spider legs, four legs coming from its back. Like, you could turn it upside down and it could still move. It basically has two bellies and no back. Long tongue.
Pale-skinned, almost grey man wearing a cloak. Very generic-looking, except for the ring piercing through his lower lip. Short brown hair.
Human man in military-looking outfit with a mace and several dagger on his side. Short blond hair, balding, small mustache and goatee.
Five-ish bald women, rogue/alchemist-types.
Two large-sized weird crocodile-looking things. Crocodillian upper body, with curling ram's horns. Instead of hind legs it's a long tail, and two tentacles ending in mouths.
A large undead humanoid with a staff with a skull on top of it. Has a fur-trimmed cloak.
Two identical spectral male undead with burning maces. Look to be heavily armoured and wearing tattered noble's robes.
Kobold alchemist-type. Grey-blueish skin, wielding a flaming staff.
Stern-looking elven woman, platinum blond hair in a high ponytail, black and green outfit, green lipstick.
Large-sized grey-blue-skinned woman with long red hair, dressed in brown rags.
Two humanoids with red skin, dragon wings, tail, baboon face, and short spikes down his neck and upper back.
Brown-skinned half-elven woman. Short dreadlocks (shoulder-length), green skirt, green top, several rows of wooden protection (like this guy's shoulder thing), don't know what they're called) across the chest and on her crotch and sides of her upper legs. One arm seems to be made of woven wooden branches. Other arm carries a staff topped with a jaguar icon.
Halfling with a dagger and a torch, shortbow on his back. Brown hair, short beard (no mustache).
Happy, peppy-looking halfling woman. Short blond hair, looks ready for combat, brown leather outfit with green accents, longsword.
Grey-skinned woman in a tattered orange dress with blue accents. Black hair, with several braided ponytails.
An orangutang in a fancy dress (blue and red, gold accents) smoking a pipe.
Fancy elven woman in a long purple dress (or a short practical dress with red pants underneath). Long red hair. Very regal-looking.
A female halfling with a leather apron. Long blond hair. Wields a hoe. Could be a farmer.
Brown-skinned elven man with wild dreadlocks and a longbow, in a green outfit.

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I feel like the standard Inspire Courage bonus is still better than Inspire Greatness. IC gives a better to hit, as well as damage bonus, and affects everyone who can hear it. IG targets one person only, gives a handful of HP, and a bonus to Fort. I've never seen this ability used, and I'm curious to know when you'd want to.

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I liked Starfinder, but I was very bothered by the lack of class options (at the start, at least). You get one or two defining class features and the rest are numeric bonuses. I also felt like it was more like a tweak on PF1 than its own system, and I didn't really vibe well with a lot of its mechanics. When I got into PF2 I finally got the new system I really wanted, and haven't really looked back.

I do love the setting and the stories told in Starfinder, it's just that mechanically it feels half-baked to me. I might get back into it with Starfinder Enhanced.

Yeah, I think it's never really specified what an "instance" of damage actually is. Personally, I think an instance means the total damage one Strike does. So a Flaming Frost Greatsword would do one instance of fire, cold, and slashing damage. Breaking down the fire and cold into more separate chunks seems weird to me, but I know that I'm in the minority and most likely wrong.

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Basically all the Adventure Paths have canonically happened, so the big changes are:
- Several Runelords are dead.
- The Worldwound has closed.
- Thrune has been overthrown in Kintargo after a rebellion.
- Ameiko is now the Jade Regent.
- Elvanna has been replaced as queen of Irrissen.
- Hobgoblins have reclaimed part of the country for themselves.
- Princess Eutropia now rules Taldor.
- Tar-Baphon has been exploded and is now recuperating after trying to take over Absalom. Furthermore, Lastwall is now undead-infested.

Not related to adventure paths (I think) is the founding of Ravounel, and probably more, but that's all I can think of.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

Question about the storyline: the scenario hints that once the message is decoded the Pathfinders will be called in again, but since this is already scenario number 20 of season 1, I can't find the follow-up to this. Or was that the season 1 special? I played that a while ago and as a player I didn't get a lot of information about the story, just "go beat up a lot of fey."
So, is there a follow-up to this, or did I just miss it?

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Have fun, everyone!

First of all, Hi Hmm! We've played together for a while back in 2021. I was Vanvathar, so you already know my posting style and frequency. Two big things though: I live in central Europe and I have a job now, which means that A) I can only post from the afternoon my time onwards, and B) I'll be around 9 hours (maybe more) ahead of you and your active times will most likely overlap with my work/sleep hours. Since I work from home most of the time I can sneak in a post every once in a while, but more elaborate posts will happen after work. I'm If those aren't a problem, I'll happily apply, but I thought it was only fair to let you know beforehand.

Player's forum handle: Quentin Coldwater
Character name: Arlo Rumble
Character Pronouns: He/Him
Ancestry (Heritage): Wildwood Halfling
Classes (Dedications): Cleric of Gozreh/Druid
Home Region or City: Never really thought about that, really. Probably Andoran, near the Verduran Forest.
Level of original character: 7
Faction: Verdant Wheel

Downtime: I usually skip it.

★ ---- ★ ---- ★ ---- ★

Character Details

1) Any special rules, boons, or corner cases you need to let me know about:
If we're not sticking to PFS, do boons still matter?

2) A few sentences about your character, both out of character and in character as your character would describe themself. Why are you in the Pathfinder Society? What are your character’s quirks, interests and pet peeves? Where are you from? (And if this is not originally a Pathfinder Society Character, tell me about what makes them a good fit for this story.)
Arlo walks around the Grand Lodge in well-worn traveler's clothing, dirt-stained and patched many times over. He sees a line in front of Eando Kline's office and wanders over to see what the fuss is. He spots Jayma standing in line and he immediately walks up to her. Hey Jayma, long time no see! How have you been?"

He grabs an apple and a small knife from his backpack and starts cutting the apple into slices, handing them out to people in line and to Twyl, Jayma's familiar. "I miss travelling together, our missions were so much fun. Remember when you blew that big butterly out of the sky? Or we went all the way to Tian Xia? That forest was amazing."

Arlo is a cleric of Gozreh, and he loves being outside and seeing new things. He's happy and cheerful in a childish innocent kinda way. He likes being supportive and helping people. In combat, he definitely takes more of a support role than being a damage dealer, though he definitely has some damaging spells as well.

3) If you have to level your character to level seven for the first chapter (‘The Lady’s Harvest’) are there any special changes you’re planning on making to it?
I'm 7 exactly, so no changes. :)

4) What was your character’s previous favorite adventure, and why?
Anything that involved being outside. Seeing the forests of Tian Xia in Mountain of Sea and Sky was amazing, and seeing how the people of Bhopan lived in harmony with nature was a cool learning experience as well.

5) Why do you want to investigate in the Dark Archives Case Files?
As long as it takes place outside of a city, Arlo's up for anything. If it's more of an urban case, he'll gladly leave it to the experts.

6) Will you be able to post 2-3 times a day on average, barring occasional days off (Cons, Work, Short Vacations, etc?)
Yes, with the disclaimer above.

7) Is there a botting spoiler already in your character’s profile? (Hint, hint!)
Not yet, but I can make one!

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

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On the one hand, PFS1 isn't (officially) supported any more, so it kinda makes sense. On the other hand, PFS1 is still being played, so opening this up would've been cool.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

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Ah, thank you! I was in the wrong FAQ section.

5/5 *** Venture-Agent, Netherlands—Utrecht

As someone who is currently running Age of Ashes, where can I find the FAQ? If it's this page, I don't think it's on there yet.

EbonFist wrote:

Agcat-tha Christie.

Surely you mean Agatha Hisstie?

Quentin Coldwater wrote:

Hello all, I'm running 2-07 The Blakros Deception for a few people, and there's room for two more! Sign up quickly!

Linky link.

There's a level 5, a level 6, and two level 7s signed up, and I'd like to keep it low tier, if possible.

Note: As I said, only two more can join. If you see it's full, please don't join.

Recruitment is now closed, sorry.

Hello all, I'm running 2-07 The Blakros Deception for a few people, and there's room for two more! Sign up quickly!

Linky link.

There's a level 5, a level 6, and two level 7s signed up, and I'd like to keep it low tier, if possible.

Note: As I said, only two more can join. If you see it's full, please don't join.

GM Tiger wrote:
I'll open up a table as soon as one of my other games ends... I'll save you a seat, Quentin.

Awesome. Thanks, Tiger!

Random question: if Striking is so ingrained in enemy HP expectations, how much would you have to scale back enemy HP if Striking wasn't a thing?

I originally wanted to ask, "if Striking is so expected of players, why is it still a thing," but I guess that's already been answered. People want upgrades, that's all there is to it.

Nope, haven't played it.
For people who are better with names, it's 3-06 Struck by Shadows.

I haven't participated in level 6+ play in a while, either. I have a level 6 Ranger and a level 7 Cleric up if anyone's willing to GM.

Sorry I jumped the gun on the scenario Anjo, I just saw a lot of people wanting to play it. Hopefully I can accommodate you next time!

Iceman, you're welcome to be the sixth person. Jump on in! :)

Woo, that was easy. I've reserved spots for all six of you. Haven't heard if Anjo Aroh has played this. If he has, a sixth spot is available to someone else.

Linky link over here.

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