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why is it 4 packages insteed of being shipped all at once or can i have them ship all the packages when the last item comes out

Customer Service Representative

Hello Chris,

Could you please provide an order number for the order you are seeing with this issue? I took a look through your orders and did not find one that was split into 4 packages. If you are talking about July subscription items, the orders containing these have not been generated yet.

Please let me know if there is an order that still needs our attention. Thank you!

Lantern Lodge Customer Service & Community Manager

Chris, I took a look and it should generate into 1 package.
It appears the order previews on the My Subs page are incorrectly defaulting to standard post to the shipping method when it should default to the cheapest possible method which in this case appears it will probably be USPS Priority.

We still have our estimates in for July products, the warehouse is finalizing those now) so it could (in theory) change a bit between now and when we create orders, but the estimate right now should be USPS Priority for $12.87.

Our softeware developer Robert is working on getting this changed, but that likely won't occur before July's products are created. However it should only affect the preview of the order, and not the generation of it. If you get your order creation email and it somehow still has four packages, please let us know asap.

Sara marie

thank you super sara

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