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Hi everyone, just a small question, about the Armor [Commander's Field Plate] in Wrath of the Righteous (Adventure deck number 2); Is it possible that there is an error in its powers ?


(The card powers)

When another character at your location would encounter a monster on [YOUR] turn, you may discard this card to encounter that monster instead.



Shouldn't it say; when another character...on [His] turn, you may discard...

[HIS] or [HER] whichever, instead of [YOUR] turn. It just seem extremely situational, like it barely ever happens.

Thank you in advance

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There are lots of summoned encounters in that AP. Lots. You'll find frequent opportunities for a character to use the Commander's Field Plate (provided they are at a location with another character).

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Commander's Field Plate can help with Demonic Horde. If a character at your location gets more demons than they can handle, you can use it to take one for them.

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