What different ways can you make a Naruto ninja puppet user.


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Just like the title stats how would you create a puppet user ninja in pathfinder? The easiest way I can think of is making a summoner. With maybe a dip in the actual ninja class. But I would like to hear your guys thoughts.

The Summoner is probably by far the best choice.

Construct Rider Alchemist could work.

Eldritch Guardian Fighter with a mauler familiar.

Barbarian or Brawler with a stringpuppet and Gloves of Improvised Might - grab your puppet and smash them with it.

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I'd go Summoner, use traits to grab the stealth skills they supposedly have, maybe create a new feature, based on the Skeleton Summoner feat to allow summoning zombies, with the Juju Zombie acting as Human Puppets, using the Expanded Summon Monster feat to choose class levels for the Juju zombies or skeletal champions. As a GM, I would allow you to hold off on choosing your new monsters until you find a corpse, allowing you, between adventures or with downtime, to turn the corpse into your puppet.

If this isn't for pfs, the promethean alchemist is pretty close. While its built in companion fits, you also get abilities for building more generic types of golems.

An aether kineticst might fit, but the puppet part wouldn't kick in till higher levels.

Oh, I'm a fan of spheres of power for this. You can take any number of things from the conjuration sphere to customize however many puppets you want, change them up relatively easily to let you rebuild puppets every few sessions to be tinkering with your designs if you'd like, and take other spheres for your personal ninja abilities. If you take no martial abilities at all a pure caster can invest easily 40+ different abilities into 1-5 puppets (table law may apply, I'd say limit to 2 puppets on the table consistently, 3 when absolutely needed, and maybe let another player control one or two so your turns aren't so long).

i think summoner is the best option.

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