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I just published an app on the Google Play Store. It's a system neutral character/deity generator, for players or GMs that need some inspiration. Whether you're trying to create a personality on the fly for an NPC the players decided to chat up, or are prepping some characters in advance, I think you'll find this helpful at the table. Characters can be created individually or in bulk groups called Communities so you can even roll up an entire town/evil cult/college/etc at will.

Characters get a name, motivation, 3 attributes, and a profession. There's also a feature that allows you to add relationships between characters (and all Community characters are created with at least 1 relationship to another character). Deities get a name, region, 3 domains, an animal, and an alignment. Every field can be rerolled for new results or directly edited if you have something particular in mind.

Thanks for your time and happy gaming!

*Rubs chin* Personally, I'd recommend switching the deity generator to 5 domains, since that's the most common amount used in the game. Also, I haven't downloaded it to try yet, but is there an option to force alignment results since that tends to be a rule?

(LG deities, for example, need to have the Law and Good domains, and can then get three others.)

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Hey Rednal,

At this time, domains are independent of alignment, and Law/Good/Chaos/Evil/Neutral aren't possible domains (although you could edit a domain to be so, I didn't want to take up the limited slots with alignment-specific options). I could add a feature to allow more domains/increase the number to five.

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Updated the app to include a notes section for characters! Now you can add a backstory, session notes, etc.

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