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So the Ratling Improved Familiar has the ability to use Scrolls. My question is, if the Ratling used a Scroll of Summon Monster and the Master used a Summon Monster Spell, could both summoned creatures be out at the same time?

Yes. Of course, you don't need a familiar to do this--any character can cast summon monster n more than once and have multiple summoned creatures. The summoner class's summon monster apell-like ability has a restriction that only allows one instance of that ability to be in effect at a time, but the spell itself has no such restriction.

I think you have a severe misunderstanding of how summoning works. If you cast Summon Monster twice, you can have both or all of your summons. If you have a standard action Summon Monster, a quickened action Summon Master, and your familiar casts Summon Monster, then you would have at minimum three summoned creatures.

The above is true if you cast Summon Monster in a house.
Also true if the familiar casting the spell is a mouse.

Wow. You guys are absolutely right. I think we saw the Summoner’s clause about only 1 Summon being allowed at a time and applied it to the spell. Thank you for clearing this up for me.

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