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What are these things? The fluff on Qlippoth suggests that chunks of the Abyss these creatures live in have scattered through the planes and some have touched down in the Prime. I can't find any entries for magic items, artifacts or any sort of rules that govern the devices however.

I know also from the fluff that they exude some kind of aura or radiation that causes Antipathy as the spell but I don't know what is repelled. The background also suggests that it mutates living things in the area of it. Finally I know that one of the side effects of this mutation is that trees produce a sickly sap which is the basis for a drug called Black Water.

Can anyone tell me:

- General shape/size
- Powers and CL of said powers
- What is affected by Antipathy effect
- What creature(s) would be found in the vicinity


Your closest approximation would probably to look into the radiation around where the star fall happened. Lots of similar radiation stuff there. Numeria.

It is possible that these are what attacked the ship. It is generally implied that these are chthullu type critters and beings from beyond.

D20pfsrd has them described. Google em.pathfinderwiki Also has a section on the runestone in tianjing

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