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So I have a character that has earned both the title of Visbaron and Baronet in Taldor. Which is a higher ranking title in Taldor?

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If we use European noble titles as a template, Viscount is in full a Vice-Count, so a Visbaron would be a Vice-Baron, which to me sounds equal to a Baronet. Taldor is chock full of titles, esp if they don't grant land holdings, so you could conceivably wind up with even more titles all meaning just about the same thing.

What I would recommend is to look up the different Prefectures of Taldor and say you are a Visbaron from one and a Baronet from another.

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The British nobility
Order of precedence

In English (which is not necessarily very similar to Taldane, but it's what we have to work with) it looks as if a Viscount is a hereditary peer while a Baronet is not. A Visbaron then might rank lower than a Baron, but higher than a Baronet.

It may be relevant that the children of Viscounts and Barons and the younger children of Earls (the English equivalent of a Count) also rank higher than Baronets, but both are below Barons for life (which might be very roughly equivalent to Visbaron).


A Baronet is the lowest level of noble as they are a "non-landed" (having been granted a title with no land) noble.

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If Bill's Visbaron title comes from the Noble Title boon then it also has no land holdings

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Neither title is landed, though one gives me the opportunity to become a landed Viscount. I'm just trying to figure out which title the character would go by based on its importance until such time as I become a Viscount.

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I see another has been elevated to the greatest body of nobility across all of Golarion. Fear not young noble, as I shall give you a lesson in the ways of titles of our empire. You see there are several types of noble titles in use today.

Landed Nobles, which are those high noble titles that are vested with land in Taldor. Of These, the highest of these is Grand Duke, whose vast lands form great parts of a prefecture. They descend up the lowest of the landed noble titles of Baron. The sons and daughters of nobles also hold non-landed titles and honorifics that distinguish them as people of import but not the rulers of said lands. The son of a Baron is a Baronet in formal terms, more commonly referred as simply a Lord.

In your case you have an honorific title of nobility. You see at times there is a need to recognize the great accomplishments of those who perform services for the Primogen Crown. When these moments occur the Imperial family can grant titles of nobility that grant no lands but serve to distinguish one from the masses of the Unbearded.

But fear not, if you can acquire land, fame and fortune a truly noble title will be given unto you. Perhaps one day you may be a Duke, Count, or Baron, and your family name will be the stuff of legend.

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Ironically, my character's family name of Orlovsky is the stuff of legend. Just not necessarily in Taldor.

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