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Dear dear Santa,

I know this year has been full and exhausting and you are now certainly preparing the New Year's Eve resting gently in the South Pole enjoying a well deserved Gewurztraminer.
Please do.
However it seems there was a slight misunderstanding concerning my own letter to you dated a few days back (i. e. before Xmas).
So just to let you know in case you can do something about it.
I'm sure you can.
I was expecting boxes of nice errata-ed DriveThru cards for all the existing adventure sets and "seasons of" sets too.
And some promo cards with the last minis.
And a soon-to-be-released new adventure set.
And some downloadable characters sheets for the recently released ans to come class-and-the-like decks.
And peace on earth.
And some candies and peanut butter milkshakes too because it's a nightmare to get a decent one in France.
Yours, sincerely.
Promised, I've been good and nice this year. For example, I didn't say anything bad about the Brexit (or If I did, I don't remember).


PS: if you can fix the rest, I can do without the milkshake - my wife is concerned that I might get fat.


Grand Lodge

I was THIS | | close to creating an account under the name "Krampus" and replying:

Dear Frencois,
I have some bad news...

Anyway, have an excellent New Year.


You too.

Santa put coal in my stocking too... :( I'm on AP4 of Skull and Shackles and still have to read the FAQ and figure out why I'm missing cards and have too many Gholdako and then proxy cards and blah, blah, blah. Hopefully I will get the errata cards before I start the Seasons of the Shackles, which is already and waiting in my box for Skulls to finish, but it's not looking good.... Oh well, the problems of the first world...

The errata cards probably don't really make Paizo any money and probably are a bit of work to produce. I wonder if there is a way to pledge something to get this done, like we all promise to buy some PACG pathfinder society adventure paths or something.... something about getting more flies with honey...


Use the Light Giant, use the Light!


IronGiant wrote:
The errata cards probably don't really make Paizo any money

That is the started intention of the price of the errata packs.

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