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If you have the Dragon Style feat and make a mounted charge, do your ignore difficult terrain?

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I think the mount would need Dragon Style, or possibly both of you.

Just the mount I believe

Mount would need it.

The mount would need to have the feat to ignore the terrain.

Or have featherstep horseshoes*

*Not actually a thing

I am not saying that you guys are right or wrong, but let me explain why this issue is confusing to me.

First, when the mount moves, you are controlling the mount's movement with a Ride check. This would suggests that a mounted charge is you charging.

Second, when it comes to certain feats that concern mounted charging, like Spirited charge, it makes it seem as if a mounted charge is as much a rider's charge as it is the mount's charge.

Third, for now, Dragon Style says when you charge, blah, blah, blah... If a mounted charge is you charging, then why wouldn't Dragon Style work?

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A mounted charge is both you AND the mount charging. Since you're making the attack, YOU have to have Spirited Charge to get the bonus to that attack. Since the mount is performing the movement, IT needs to have the method of ignoring difficult terrain.

You spent 3 months in monk school charging at targets over hot coals broken glass vines thorns thickets and absolom potholes so that you could learn the feat and get into combat faster.

That doesn't transfer the expertise to your mount.

Indeed you can ignore difficult terrain when charging on a mount with Dragon Style, since you are charging. The problem is, that doesn't really matter much since difficult terrain has no effect on a rider, but it does effect the mount, who has to make movement and follow the movement rules (including charging movement) with its own feats and abilities (or those that have been granted to it via other methods).

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