Order 4578482

Customer Service

Please refund me for this order.

This item is a part of my subscriptions, but it did not automatically get added to my downloads, forcing me to purchase it.

Now that I have actually had it added to my downloads, you can go ahead and reverse the order and refund me.

Thank you!

Customer Service Representative

Hello Justin,

I have issued a refund and made sure your subscription copy was generated and submitted. It shouldn't happen again but if it does let us know before you purchase the item.

Thanks, Diego!

Will do.

Just a heads up: Looks like #1-06 is prepped to do the same thing. I see #1-07 and #1-08 lined up on my subscriptions, but the next scenario is missing in the forecast so it will probably do the same thing.

The charge to my card was not reversed and is no longer in a pending state.

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