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The Shadow Walker wrote:

My issue isn't about missing reporting either, but the threads that are about my issue are all getting locked in favor of this one.

Reporting for Dead Suns Book 1 is defaulting to a max of 4 Fame when the actual max should be 5.

Experiencing the same problem described above.

And here: Dead Suns GM and PC Fame Issue

Ravingdork wrote:

I'm guessing it should have been a 20 charge battery with a usage of 2.

The 30 shot rifle should probably have a 60 charge battery with a usage of 2.

I also have a player using this in society play, I like this solution best as I see no clear errata or correction for this weapon yet.

Oddly, the Hero Lab Online Alien Archive content forces these guns to use standard batteries already, but it does not increase the charges per shot. However, without an official ruling I am going to go with the 2 charge per shot idea that you have suggested.

Awesome. This way is much preferred and I've got what I need in time! Thanks @Sharaya and @Diego!

Any update on this? I was hoping to have these ready for this weekends session. Should I just buy them directly from Syrinscape?

Benjamin Loomes wrote:


Best thing to do here is contact Paizo support. They will check your purchase and contact us (Syrinscape) directly. I make a hand pressed Voucher Code and they deliver it to you.

Meanwhile we are taking a hammer to the two servers, to get them talking to each other again!


Any luck with that hammer and/or any idea how long it takes for Syrinscape to get the codes over to Paizo?

I just ordered all 7 Syrinscape SoundPacks for Starfinder. None of the links in My Downloads page are generating a (serial key) voucher key for the products.

The charge to my card was not reversed and is no longer in a pending state.

Thanks, Diego!

Will do.

Just a heads up: Looks like #1-06 is prepped to do the same thing. I see #1-07 and #1-08 lined up on my subscriptions, but the next scenario is missing in the forecast so it will probably do the same thing.

Please refund me for this order.

This item is a part of my subscriptions, but it did not automatically get added to my downloads, forcing me to purchase it.

Now that I have actually had it added to my downloads, you can go ahead and reverse the order and refund me.

Thank you!

Thanks. I will just disallow duplicate mods (unless the mod specifies otherwise).

I will also treat an Android's free mod slot as going onto their actual armor, for sanity.


There is one in the PDF by Chapter download, called '000 Endsheets'

It is not quite as big as the other one, but copying the image out of PDF format still gives you a good size map.

Only trouble is that a little of Apostae is cut off in that version.

You could also pull both the 432 and 433 images out and overlap them correctly with a program such as to get the desired result.

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Wow, those blocks were hard to read, but yeah, I agree with the a lot of the others here. It sounds like the GM doesn't understand what drones are for and how they can be used.

It also sounds like you shouldn't approach problems in this way or you'll end up making the situation worse for yourself.

As LittleMissNaga says above, present some hard rules evidence of what your character is capable of doing with your drone. There are plenty of rules relating to what actions you can take with your drone and how long they take/which ones it can do without direct control. Make sure you cover several scenarios with direct rules references to back you up.

If this GM truly plays hard by the rules, then he'll appreciate solid rules references.

Lastly, I'd put this particular incident behind you, frustrating as it may be right now. Don't let one stick up ruin the enjoyment for you and your group!

Thank you for the replies guys. Hoping that we'll get an official response.

As the upgrades are currently written, they 'seem' designed to only be taken once, but I definitely don't see this restriction explicitly laid out anywhere.

Also curious about how android would work with this restriction, given that their upgrade slot is on their body, rather than worn as an additional item (armor).

As written, a Load Lifter as an upgrade for an android upgrade slot would be absolutely useless (thankfully), as it would take up the 'one upgrade' even though it grants more slots.

I wish additional restrictions on stacking upgrade modules were as clear as they are in the Computers section.

Music from the old JumpGate online space game.

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Does anyone know if there is a rule somewhere that prevents stacking armor upgrades of the same type?

How does this affect androids, who effectively get an armor upgrade in their body in addition to upgrade slots their worn armor might have?

Just trying to clarify, as one of my androids is trying to stack radiation buffers (admittedly harmless). However, it would be good to know this for when everyone starts trying crazy stuff with Load Lifter.

Tambryn wrote:
How many PCs is this AP intended for?


The Sunrise Maiden Starship map has an inconsistent grid (at least the PDF version does), just like other Starfinder maps I have received in PDF format. This will hopefully change on future products, as my Pathfinder products do not have this problem.

Why does it matter? It GREATLY increases my prep time for setting up maps for my online tabletop format if I can't just line up a grid over the map due to pixel increases/decreases for each row/column.

Don't forget the Grenade Expert (Ex) ability. Soldiers can always produce self-generated methane and tape grenades.

If you want to save money, make your own grenades. Just don't tell the party how you did it.

The grid is inconsistent on this map, which is extremely disappointing, as I can't line up my own gridline tools with it.

Normally Paizo maps are great about having grid consistency. Not sure what happened here.

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Good luck, yea, they should replace it. I had a similar issue with my Limited Edition 3.5 D&D book back in the day. Pages stuck together because of page lining and binding coming off.

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I'd happily take a spineless Starfinder Core book at this point. Mine hasn't even shipped.

If only they came in 10XL, then we could have a real scale space goblin.

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How many pages are in the "Hit refresh until order shipped" section?

How many pages in the "Download my PDF now" section?

There was a very limited amount initially, maybe another batch made it to the warehouse. Not sure.

Going to mega-necro this thread, because of candlelight.

I rule that candlelight is normal at 5' for LLV characters, because they can read scrolls by it. Dim out to 10'.

Sometimes you just have to use your own interpretation of the rules and enforce that upon your players. If they have objections and are unhappy, things can be changed.

There are stickier rules than vision, but I agree with some that these rules not very clear as written.

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It's easy to relate to the human race, and there's not much that prevents humans from becoming extremely powerful in this genre.

I think people would rather stick with what they know than risk botching the RP of a foreign mindset, munchkins excluded.

It seems like the OP is overthinking it, likely due to overtaxed excitement for the release of Starfinder.

There's plenty of content being released at once and this gives us some time to read through and prepare without feeling rushed. Players also need time to get the materials and familiarize as well.

There's stuff to do in the meantime, such as getting your Starfinder content into MapTool, Realm Works and the like.

Justin McKeon wrote:
Is this a subscription item? I don't see a note about that in the description, but I assume that it should be one.

After some digging around I have found that it is not a subscription item. It is more of an 'if you need extras.'

I went ahead and ordered some!

John Compton wrote:

•Pathfinder Flip-Mat: River Crossing

•Pathfinder Map Pack: Starship Chambers


Is this the correct map?

Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics: River Crossing

Is this a subscription item? I don't see a note about that in the description, but I assume that it should be one.