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So what ways does Murphy's law smack you our your table when gaming?

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rolling very high on secondary/useless stuff, and very low when you're in an actual character life or death situation

or today I arrived full on an hour late for an online game because I had time change last weekend, but the Americans didn't have it yet.

Warriors' Dilemma: If the Dungeon Master asks you if you are sleeping in your armor, there WILL be wandering monsters tonight.

Corollary: The night you take off your armor is the night wandering monsters will come.

Familiars, Animal Companions, and Cohorts are there to give the GM something to kill.

When I was playing an acrobatic dragon rider and made a skill check to jump from a flying ship to the back of mine dragon... rolled a natural 1 (I know nat 1=fumble is not in the rules, it's an houserule for that campaign)

As a GM, I re-skinned Rogue Trader into Firefly for a one-shot I was running for a some local gaming events/conventions. Also, I'm a GM who rolls in the open, so it's clear there is no fudging.

All 3 times I ran it, as the aggressive pirate vessel that was attacking Serenity with missiles, I rolled critical failures. Specifically, perfect 100s on percentile dice, which on the appropriate table indicates the missiles blowing up in the tubes on launch. That guaranteed enough damage to cripple the weapons systems of the ship - and in 2 of 3 cases, doing enough damage to take the ship out of combat entirely when the rest of their ammo went up, taking the ship with it.

Once, eh, it happens. But 3 times, the same game, the same exact place? Senor Murphy was having a laugh, I'm sure of it.

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