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We all know that Paizo won't publish further material on the Spire of Nex because it, and the areas of Nex and Geb, are Erik Mona's Precious -- and he just doesn't have the time to get it in print .

I have an idea (that I'm sure has been talked about at Paizo HQ at some point) and would be interested to hear y'alls' response....

What if you convinced Erik Mona to DM a homegame or office-game that took place in The Spire of Nex with massive amounts of back-and-forth to Nex and Geb (and side treks into Absalom) with the various developers as PCs?
Mona could really get through all his Spire of Nex and Geb and Nex canon through the campaign, really present it the way he sees it in the published campaign setting, and five Paizo developers (who likely already have some ideas of Mona's head-canon) really get to see Mona's complete vision for The Spire of Nex, Geb and Nex.

A year or so down the road the five developers can take all their campaign notes and start to develop an AP based on his campaign, or maybe a hardback in the same vein as Emerald Spire. Mona can do a bit of the work as well, one adventure in the AP perhaps, and be confident that the other work, based on his home game -- with a focus on his vision for the settings -- will be published true to his ideas.

He's never going to have time to actually write this stuff out for publication in y'alls' product schedule. Unless he steps down as publisher for a six-month sabbatical.
But you guys play home and office games; why not just make one of the office games Erik Mona's Spire of Nex campaign -- and the Players make sure to take thorough notes?

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Well, I'd love it, but, you know... volunteering others to GM...


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So Kings of Absalom continues into the Spire of Nex? I'd love to see that.

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There are some common elements, to be sure. Look for more Kings of Absalom news shortly!

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Heh heh heh. It's probably not what you are thinking, but I do hope people will like it. You'll definitely get a really clear idea of what Kings of Absalom is all about.

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I dont like it

all hail Taldor home of the most paranoid players in golarion

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