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I've got following campaign idea for bringing an existing Pathfinder party into the world of Starfinder. I do not plan to use time travel or cyrogenic sleep etc. No, the whole thing should be much more mysterious. They simply awake in an abandoned but still working space station or spaceship with no recollection how they got there. And they know how to use this strange technology, even if they believe that they should know this. And they also discover that their abilities have changed or that they even lost their magic. Eventually they learn that they are clones of legendary heroes from pre-Gap Golarion. But who created them and why?

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How about this?

Pharasma created them as a link between the time before and after the gap. Pharasma is the goddess of fate and also life and death, she foresaw the coming of the gap and when the Pathfinder heroes died, instead of sending their souls to the afterlife she sent them into the future reborn as new heroes influenced by their past lives.

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Perhaps they're an experiment in discovering what happened during the Gap, created by rogue scientists using preserved remains found on another Pact World that originated on Galorian. In a twist, they only think they're the heroes reborn, but eventually they are confronted by the souls of the original selves...

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