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I do not want to derail any other threads further with discussion about streaming services. However, in this new age of a 'la carte television I thought it might be nice to have a place to discuss viewing habits and choices.

I'll start but mentioning my habits. I still have cable TV, though only for the football season and premium content. I reduce my service to basically network TV and HBO/Showtime/Starz during the rest of the year. My high speed net is bundled into the deal. We also have a Netflix subscription.

A recent topic that came up was how the sites have become so numerous. Along with rising costs of belonging to so many subs, some folks also feel the quality and quantity of programing is suffering. It's easy to understand with all premium channels having a streaming service, along with Amazon, and now CBS striking out on their own, folks have a lot of choices and subs to choose from. How do you feel about the current streaming environment?

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I've been using Hulu since it's inception.

As someone that's never had cable streaming is a godsend.

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My old lady had Hulu and I refuse to pay for commercially interrupted network television. I wont pay premium for ad free either. I did check a few originals before she cancelled and they dont stand up to Netflix originals, IMO.

I am curious about Amazons originals, I haven't seen any of them.

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I like Difficult People, and The Awesomes, and Quickdraw when they were on, but I don't have Hulu for their original material. I watch it for Archer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, AHS, Fargo, Gravity Falls, and others.

Commercial free is worth it.

I also hate Netflix.

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Netflix is alright, could be better, but I think its a good value at its current price point.

How do you folks judge the value of your streaming services?

Currently I have Amazon Prime (also useful for free shipping and such), Netflix, Shudder, and HBOnow.

HBOnow I need to end, now that GoT is done for awhile. It's probably my least used service

Netflix and Amazon I used a fair bit, the most of all of them.

Shudder I watch horror movies on, but I haven't watched in a bit (their streaming platform doesn't have much app wise to allow me to play shows anywhere but my computer.

I variously have Hulu, but last year they lost a ton of shows, and their movies overlap too much with Amazon prime to make it worthwhile. Will probably resub eventually, at the very least for Runaways

Also had Starz for American Gods, but suspended that after that season wrapped up.

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4 hours a day average viewing seems like a lot to me. Though with all the options I guess it makes more sense. Check out this story.

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