What fonts are used in the Core Rulebook?

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What fonts are used in the Core Rulebook? I want my character sheet template designs to match the fonts in the Core Rulebook as closely as possible, especially those shown in the character stat blocks (such as the Space Goblin Monarch on page 421).

Where can I go to obtain/buy/licences said fonts?

When I try to edit the pdfs, it looks to me like the character sheets use a form of Eurostile and the CRB text is some form of Good OT. I'll be using Eurostile for my stuff since Word already has it. Good OT I'd have to buy.

Just do a web search for Good OT fonts and you should find something.

A little late to the conversation, but the fonts in the PDFs are:

Chapter Titles: Axion SSF

Section Titles: GoodOT Condensed / GoodOT Condensed Bold

Main Text: GoodOT / GoodOT Italic / GoodOT Bold

There is also some sparing use of Eurostile, Dax Bold, Helvetica, Jubilee Light, Minion Pro, OlsenTF Regular, and Priori Sans.

The HeroLab Online site also uses the Open License fonts Exo and Orbitron.

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