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Well for direct references we have a trash compactor trap (better hope you have a drone out there that can turn it off, yikes) and transparent aluminium.

I also think there's a lot of rp potential here. Since the Pact Worlds had a Cold War with the Vesk for generations there's bound to still be some resentment and fear among them (even with as cosmopolitan as they are).

I don't think Paizo will play this up much given how it could lead to serious intra-party fighting but it would be great to explore in home games.

When I try to edit the pdfs, it looks to me like the character sheets use a form of Eurostile and the CRB text is some form of Good OT. I'll be using Eurostile for my stuff since Word already has it. Good OT I'd have to buy.

Just do a web search for Good OT fonts and you should find something.

I'm not sure I like having so many Pact Worlds in the same star system. I may spread them out a bit although I haven't decided how just yet. I know I'll leave Eox and Diaspora in the Golarian system for potential conflict with Absolom. Idari too I suppose since the Kasatha would still likely plop down in whatever system Absolom is.