What do they speak on Aballon?

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What the topic title says. Does anyone know whether the robots on Aballon have a native language?

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They are fluent in over six million forms of communication.

Delightful wrote:
What the topic title says. Does anyone know whether the robots on Aballon have a native language?


Translation: I bet it's Binary.

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The core rulebook mentions no planetary language for Aballon, and Iseph's pregen stats don't seem to give him a planetary language either (as he is from Aballon). So by the rules as written, the planetary language would have to be Common.

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They're just really good listeners instead.



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How I would do it, I'd give them four languages for different functions:

Datagram: For informal, everyday communication. Being robust and permissive of redundancy, this suboptimal protocol is remarkable for its ability to convey essential meanings despite some amount of signal degradation or packet loss.

Transmit: A more formal language which requires error-checking and handshaking. All legal code, blueprints, work orders, and other important data are written using Transmit. Transmit's only drawback is that all streams usually fail over less than a reliable wireless connection.

Encrypt: An auto-ciphering machine language whose ability to obfuscate its contents against unauthorized access is considered just about unbreakable by organics' standards. Encrypt is used for commercial and private data transactions. Encrypt is also known to be used by rogue AIs, deserters, the malware-possessed, and botnet hives.

Assembly: The sacred tongue of Triune, Assembly endows Aballonians with the capability of philosophical thought (technotheology). All worshipers of Triune are encouraged to pray in Assembly, although the deity will accept a divine connection using nearly any other communication protocol.

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They speak Bocce, but if you don't know that Moisture Vaporator is functionally identical with only some mild regional variations.

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according to distant worlds they speak

Common; shortwave 100 ft.

They should have something.

Aballon's backstory is that an immense army of servitor machines, from simple drones to hyper-intelligent overseer units created by the First Ones on Aballon later upgraded themselves, spreading out and evolving to form an entire artificial ecosystem, from simple worker bots and the self-guided predator drones that prey upon them to fully sentient machines.

According to the planetary description, these fully sentient machines that make up a vast society came during that millennia long upgrade. The largest anacite settlement, Striving, is famous across the solar system as the seat of the Machine Court, a logical coalition of robotic judges that arbitrate conflicts between residents, assist the network of governing Als known as the Insight Array, and keep the peace between the planet's factions. It was in Striving where Epoch, Epoch, one of the machine god's three aspects was born. Again, all things that the text infers was not there when the First Ones created the Drones and overseer units millennia ago.

Sounds like an independent culture to me. They must have developed means of communication independent of other planetary cultures--Machine Code, for lack of a better name.

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Aballon's natives (the robotic anacites) communicate via shortwave radio (which functions similar to telepathy for constructs). They have no written or spoken language, so there is no planetary language for Aballon (other than Common, of course).

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Further comment on this, a character can gain the anacites ability through short wave receiver transmitter augmentation (AA p 11) or by the feat Divine Blessing, choosing Triune as the source (PW p 190). Consequently, the feat also grants the ability to interface with a computer by touching it.

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