Is stuff selling out already?

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Incident at Absalom Station and the Starfield are currently set as unavailable (and their subscriptions are skipping to the October releases). Is this likely to change before the 17th?

I was hoping to buy all the August releases in one order because international shipping is really expensive.

I think the hard copy stuff is selling out indeed... MIght have to wait.
or go with the PDF+ Harcover versions.

Yes. If you're looking to buy through Paizo, you will need to wait for a restock.

They have already sent their distributor orders out though and there isn't any way to tell yet how those stocks are doing. If your FLGS is getting them in, selling out on doesn't mean they won't get the order they placed with their distributor.

Note that if you're buying everything through Paizo, you really should consider subscribing (since you'll get 15% off, free PDFs of everything for which that makes sense and SFS scenarios thrown into the bargain). There is also a process to get the first AP instalment back ordered automatically.

Here is the info regarding Starfinder subscription options.

Be careful, if you sign up for the Roleplaying Game, Adventure Path, Maps and Accessories subscriptions - if you have all four you don't need the SF Society Roleplaying Guild subscription (you'll get that for nothing).

Scarab Sages

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Ah thanks. I'll check with my FLGS

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