Mummy's Mask Deck 2 - Improper card?

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So, I finally got far enough that I needed to crack open my MM Deck 2 that I bought in... October... and was somewhat confused by the presence of a Carrion Golem in the very front of the first pack of cards, before the traders. I'm glad that guy doesn't have the Trigger trait, or it could have been a bad situation.

Checking the deck list, I seem to have, for some strange reason, wound up with one less Curse of Withering than I was supposed to, and one extra Golem in its place. I can't foresee this being a *huge* issue, as my group has been (so far) rather good at avoiding rolling the Scourge die, but it's still a little confusing. Anything that can be done for me?

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Hello HikariStarshine,

I'm sorry to hear you were missing a card! I have set up a replacement that should be on its way to you soon. You will be receiving an email confirmation.

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