Admixture Evoker and overlapping Orb spells

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Normally, if an Aqueous orb ran over a Flaming Sphere, the sphere would be snuffed out (as per the rules on underwater effects).

What if an Admixture Evoker used Vesatile Evocation to change a Flaming Sphere's damage type to Electricity or Cold?

Would the Sphere still be negated?

Could the Orb and the Sphere overlap?

If they were overlapped, would cold damage freeze the water? Would electrical damage effect anyone who touched the Orb?

What would happen?

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Electricity would short circuit, possibly dealing damage to everyone inside the orb. (No save?)
I'm not sure what a "Freezing Sphere" would do. I don't see the entire orb becoming a solid orb of ice. Instead, it could lower the temperature significantly dealing cold damage to anyone inside. (Water conducts heat better than air.)

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Flaming Sphere wrote:
It can be extinguished by any means that would put out a normal fire of its size.
Aqueous Orb wrote:
It automatically quenches any nonmagical fires and functions as dispel magic against magical fires as long as those fires are size Large or less.

The problem is, by the rules, Versatile Evocation does nothing to change the fact that the text for the Flaming Sphere spell says it is put out by any means that could put out a fire. This is irrelevant to whether or not it actually still has the [fire] descriptor or deals fire damage. So no matter what element it was at the time, the Aqueous Orb extinguishes it.

Of course, this is a fairly silly way for the spell interactions to resolve. So I would wholeheartedly encourage GMs not bound by PFS rules to Rule Zero the spell interaction and come up with an idea that makes sense for them.

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Even a PFS GM could make a sensible ruling.

"Because of X, Y would happen", "X is now Z", "Y might not happen anymore".

As a PFS GM you're not a robot who mindlessly processes nonsensical RAW to absurd conclusions. You're a responsible person who makes judgment calls that are both fair and enhance the fun of the table.

That's just what the robots want us to think.

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