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First: How does Victory Gambit interact with nonlethal damage? If a foe has 20 hp left and 13 nonlethal damage, would a blow that does 8 damage trigger the gambit?

Second, If I have two or more initiating classes, can I use maneuvers from one class to qualify for maneuvers from the second? If a Soulknife [War Soul] 3/ Zealot X, learned three Veiled Moon maneuvers from their War Soul levels, would they qualify to take Eclipsing Moon (an 8th level VM maneuver) when they hit IL 15?

Finally, The Discipline Blade Shapes lets me form a mind blade in the shape of any discipline weapon from any of my disciplines. What if I choose Unarmed Strike for a Broken Blade maneuver? Would it give me the Empowered Strikes of a Deadly Fist? If I get the Fool’s Errand discipline, does that mean I can make any weapon (because FE treats all weapons as discipline weapons)?

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1: Technically no, because the trigger is reducing an enemy to 0 or fewer hp. Nonlethal damage doesn't actually reduce an enemy's HP. "Do not deduct the nonlethal damage number from your current hit points. It is not “real” damage." Ask your GM if they'll allow it to work. If they're already allowing 3pp stuff, they should reasonably allow that.

2: Yes. The prerequisite for higher level maneuvers is to simply know a certain number of that discipline's maneuvers. It doesn't say anything about them having to be known as the same class.

3: Discipline Blade Shapes wouldn't form Empowered Strikes. It shapes an actual weapon. Empowered Strikes is a class feature from a specific class that's used as a weapon, not an actual weapon. If you get Fool's Errand, then yes, you can make any weapon. You can even make firearms!

Thanks for the response! So the answers are 1) not by RAW, but it's a reasonable house rule, 2) Yes, though now I think about it, you might run into trouble because you might not be allowed to take a maneuver of that discipline unless you're taking a Landsknecht level because others specify available disciplines and 3) this falls in the same weirdness call weapon does with unarmed strikes. Thanks for the help!

Though now I think of it, if I wanted to get really cheesy with Fool's Errand and Discipline Weapon Shapes, I could bust out the Technology Guide and make my mindblade a Vortex Gun... at level 2. Level 1 if you can be a Deadly Fist and take Extra Blade Skill as your first level feat (and convince your DM that you can take Discipline Weapon Shapes even though Deadly Fists are forbidden from taking Emulate Melee Weapon)

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You could, however, emulate a gauntlet and use your unarmed strikes with that.

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