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I'm a little fuzzy on certain elements of how the Lycanthrope Template works.

It says that while in hybrid and animal forms, lycanthropes get a +2 Str & Con, and that lycanthropes use the base creature or the base animal's physical ability scores, whichever are higher. I would assume that the +2 applies whether or not the were uses the base creature or the base animal's physical ability score (whichever's higher.) However, the stats for existing were-creatures don't always bear up, so I guess it doesn't?

The weretiger has a 23 Strength and a 17 Constitution from the tiger, which don't integrate the +2. Same for the werebear, with the 21 str & 19 con. The werecrocodile has a 19 str, which suggests they don't get the +2, as crocs have a 19 strength, but the werecrocodile has a 16 con, which is less than the 17 con of a croc.
Maybe that last part is an error?

I'm not sure why the wereboar gets a 23 Strength & Constitution in hybrid form, since the starting human barbarian had a 19 & 18 respectively while raging. Boars have 17 str & con. I thought it might have been based on a dire boar... except the hybrid is medium, so that's clearly not the case, and dire boars have a 17 con anyway.

For that matter, weresharks in hybrid form don't gain a swim speed. I assume it is because the template says lycanthropes in hybrid form use the base creature's movement... except that hybrid werebats and wereraptors have a fly speed and hybrid werecrocodiles get a swim speed. Honestly, I'd rather assume the hybrid werebat, raptor, and croc entries are correct because they get to be more thematic of the animal. I think hybrid weresharks deserve the same treatment. Whatever the case, it isn't consistent.

you should get the +2 when transformed

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