Starting a group with 5 12 year-olds - adventure advice?


Hi all,

I've been doing games with my kids for a few years now. I've decided to start a regular group with some of their friends. I'm thinking that we will probably meet 4 or 5 times before summer sets in. All these kids have experience playing. Can anyone suggest a module or adventure that would be good to base our adventure on? All suggestions are welcome.

There's a doublepost. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Also, just to save myself time and energy, I'll simply direct you to a post I made regarding this situation. A lot of the tips and suggestions I make in that post can very easily apply here, even if they are somewhat experienced in this game, because they are still minors, after all.

For specifics in regards to your subject, keep things short, and make sure to end the campaign before they play outside for the summer. I don't think the kids will remember (or care to remember) how the last campaign was left off at. Simply running a few one-shots before their summer break is also a good idea.

most adventure books should be good, however i would sugest staying away from ones that are for evil parties as the content can be a bit much for people of that age catagory. see if you can find one were it encourages at least that they play good or lawful(excluding lawful evil) alignments.

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