Campaign Web Host - Is there a best one?


Anybody here use this? Epic Words

I ask because it appears there are nearly 4,000 campaigns on this site and I've never heard of it before this morning. Roughly 1,200 D&D campaigns, 1,000 homebrew, 700 PF and various much smaller numbers from another 100 or so game systems.

All I saw on Paizo, that was relevant to my question, was this thread here and it doens't really address what I'm asking. It could have but didn't and I'm not sure if I should've cast Raise Dead on that thread or not.

Starting sometime this summer my campaign will fade away if I can't come up with a way to keep us connected.

Epic Words looks interesting.

I just use a Google site as a wiki to store all my campaign stuff -- [url][/url]

Maybe you'll get more response if you tell us specifically what you're looking to do.

DMFTodd - Good point.

Oddly I may have been overtaken by this thread here talking about D&DBEYOND.

Mainly I am wondering if groups stay together over distance (a few hundred miles/kilometers in this case). If so, what do they use to stay integrated or focused enough to continue a campaign? Staying in touch is not the issue but staying in communication enough to keep a campaign running just seems like a doomed enterprise.

Has anyone had success at this? Transitioning from high school through college and keeping things coherent.

Have you considered remote tabletop software? Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.?

DMFTodd wrote:
Have you considered remote tabletop software? Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, etc.?

Thanks for your responses.

I like gaming in person. WoW is OK but I haven't played it since 2014(?) at this point. Guessing I never will again. The various FPSs are fun to blow off some steam but once you've played a map a dozen times or two... meh.

So back to TTRPGing. A number of others have posted similar laments to mine. Gamers are, on the whole, rather a flaky bunch* and based on some of the other things I've read I think it will be easier to start or join another group when I move than to keep the current one going.

These online tools only work if people use them.

On the plus side of eventually having all new players, I can use all the current PCs as well rounded NPCs with detailed back stories. That will add considerable depth to my campaign with no extra effort.

* I mean just look at all the responses to this thread :D

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